Solesmes and the politician
  • The Wall Street Journal printed a story on page 1, Wed., Jan. 4, 2017, about a Catholic French politician: French Candidate Tests Secular Tradition. The last paragraph is powerful, even in translation. The online version is here.
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    Unfortunately, the article is behind a paywall, so for most readers, only the first few lines are visible.
  • The last couple of paragraphs say:
    In August, Mr. Fillon [candidate for President] held a rally near his hometown, where he warned of a France “ashamed” of its history and reminded the crowd he had recently celebrated the Feast of the Assumption at the nearby Abbey of Solesmes.

    “You just heard the bells ringing,” Mr. Fillon said, gesturing toward the Benedictine monastery. “A thousand years of history! How can you not feel the force, the power, the depth of this past that forged us, that gives us the keys to our future?”
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    Fillon is also remembered for a 3 R's law that removed arts from school circula a decade ago and provoked massive demonstrations. Has he really seen the light?