What is an "incise or member" - "Beginning Studies In Gregorian Chant"
  • I'm reading Dom Cardine's "Beginning Studies in Gregorian Chant" in the part about numb modifiers and he keep talking about episema coming at the end of an "incise or member" but it's not entirely clear what exactly this is, would someone please explain this to me?
  • Usually some kind of phrase terminology.

    E.g. look it up in Le Nombre Musical.

    The hierarchy runs something like: Incise > Phrase-member > Phrase.

    An incise in chironomy is from one quarter-bar to another; you start the incise with arsis and end with thesis.
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    The incise is marked with a quarter-barline, the member with a half-.
  • Perhaps different books / authors use the terms differently?

    I have not read much Cardine, so I was going off of Le Nombre Musical, e.g. page 97, to try to give a source for the way I remembered things being described.
  • Marier's book designates,
    incise: phrase ending with a quarter bar
    member: phrase ending with a half bar
    period/phrase: phrase ending with a full or double bar.

    As JKK noted, maybe Cardine means something different.