'Imperatrix supernorum' - Hymn to the Virgin
  • (This is my first post to this most excellent site - my apologies if I 'miss' any of the etiquette - please feel free to put me right!)

    Does anyone know of a Gregorian chant that matches this medieval hymn to the Mother of God?
    First lines are
    Imperatrix supernorum
    Superatrix infernorum

    Thank you!
    Alan Gardner
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  • It is a sequence attributed to Adam of St Victor, which begins "Lux advenit veneranda", assigned to feasts of the Blessed Virgin, especially Her Nativity (one week from today). Here is the whole of it together with a little bit of background.

    It might not be by Adam since it's missing from some earlier lists of his work and because it uses a metre in two verses which he didn’t otherwise use, apparently.

    There's a forum discussion about the "Victorine" sequences here.

    There was a previous request also here, but no evidence of a proper melody, it seems.

    (Mostly googled. I am not a scholar.)
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    Hmm the book on the Adam of St. Victor Sequences does not have it...

    The other book of Sequences does not have it...

    It is not a Sarum Sequence, at least it is not in the book.

    But it is in the Cantus database,

    Sadly the facsimile links are not inserted, so they may not be online, but looking through the list it appears that notation can be found.
  • May I thank all those who helped me find the relevant poem?!
    It is a WONDERFUL work, full of ecstatic praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    As a 'thank you', and in case it is helpful as we prepare for the month of May, please find attached a relevant score and sound file.
    Thank you again.
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    Wow… beautiful hymn… must teach this
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  • Thank you Francis - please let me know how it goes!
    I'm planning for us to sing it on the first Sunday in May in honour of our Blessed Lady...