Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference - Los Angeles Cathedral - Sept 29 to Oct 1, 2016
  • If you haven't yet come to an SCL conference, I encourage you to do so! The conference this year promises to be especially interesting.

    The Society for Catholic Liturgy is pleased to announce its 2016 annual conference, to be held at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles.

    September 29 – October 1, 2016

    We are especially pleased to host keynote lectures by Archbishop José Gomez (Los Angeles), Bishop Abdallah Elias Zaidan (Maronite Bishop of Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles), and Sister Esther Mary Nickel, R.S.M. (St. John Vianney Seminary, Denver), as well as an update on the liturgical activities of the U.S.C.C.B. by their representative Fr. Andrew Menke.

    The conference will include sung liturgies in both the ordinary (pontifical) and extraordinary forms of the Roman rite as well as the Maronite rite (pontifical), along with sung vespers.

    Saturday features a Spanish-language track.

    Registration, more information on the conference venue, and bios of our distinguished speakers are available at the SCL's website:

    Preliminary conference schedule:

    Thursday, September 29
    3:00pm Registration and Welcome Reception

    5:00pm Sung Mass (Stational - Ordinary Form)

    6:00pm Opening Banquet with address by Archbishop Gomez “Popular Piety, Liturgy, and the New Evangelization”

    Friday, September 30
    8:00am Divine Liturgy (Maronite)

    9:00am Continental Breakfast

    9:30am Keynote: Bishop Elias Zaidan, “The Liturgy and the Church Persecuted”

    11:00am Concurrent Sessions
    (1) Academic Track: James Pauley, Renewing Liturgical Catechesis: Towards the Cultivation of Desire for God
    (2) Academic Track: Michon Matthiesen, “The Eighth Day”: the Evangelizing Potential of Liturgical Time
    (3) Pastoral Track: Andrew Casad, Preparing the Uncatechized for Confirmation and Eucharist

    12:00pm Lunch

    1:00pm Concurrent Sessions
    (4) Academic Track: Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, The Rites of Christian Initiation and the Baptized but Un-catechized
    (5) Academic Track: Veronica Arntz, “This is a Great Mystery”: Sacramental Families Formed by Cosmic Liturgy
    (6) Pastoral Track: Paolo Miguel Cobangbang, the Canonical Coronation of Marian Images as a Liturgical Revival: a Philippine Perspective

    2:30pm Concurrent Sessions
    (7) Academic Track: Sr. Moira Debono, R.S.M. The Church Shares Your Joy: Amoris Laetitia and the Order for Celebrating Matrimony
    (8) Academic Track: Mike Nolan, Re-interpreting the Poetry of Robert Southwell within the Context of New Evangelization
    (9) Academic Track: Alphonso Lopez Pinto, Visions of Heaven on Earth: Mystagogy, the Santo, and Modernity
    (10) Pastoral Track: Fr. Daniel Cardó, The Homily and the New Evangelization: Saint Augustine and Some Lessons for Today’s Preaching

    3:30pm Business Meeting

    5:00pm Vespers

    6:00pm Reception and Banquet, after dinner talk by Sister Esther Mary Nickel, R.S.M. and the screening of Prophet for our Times.

    Saturday, October 1
    8:00am Mass (Extraordinary Form)

    9:00am Breakfast with Registration for the Spanish Track

    9:30am Fr. Andrew Menke – USCCB “Liturgical Projects Undertaken by the USCCB”

    9:30am Spanish Session: Fr. Daniel Cardó : Fuente y cima: La Liturgia y la Nueva Evangelización

    11:00am Concurrent Sessions and Spanish Session
    (11) Spanish Track: Fr. Daniel Cardó: Explorando los Misterios de la Misa
    (12) Academic Track: Dom Benedict Andersen O.S.B., Benedictine Liturgical Values and the New Evangelisation
    (13) Academic Track: Dino Marcantonio, Symbolic Architectural Form
    (14) Pastoral Track: Michael Foley, Sanctifying the Bar: Liturgical Drinking and the New Evangelization

    12:00pm Lunch

    1:00pm Concurrent Sessions and Spanish Session
    (15) Spanish Track: Fr. Daniel Cardó: La Homilía y la Nueva Evangelización
    (16) Academic Track: Lisa Knutson, Principle and Foundation of Beauty in the Missionary Liturgy: The Jesuit Reductions as Model and Ignatian spirituality as Guide
    (17) Academic Track: Steve Baker, Between Luminous and Numinous: the Coincidence of Opposites and Its Role in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Catholic Sacred Architecture
    (18) Pastoral Track: Fr. Jamie Hottovy, Sacred Beauty: Evangelizing through the Images of Our Faith

    2:00pm Concurrent Sessions and Spanish Session
    (19) Academic Track: Richard Nicholas, the Sacramental Ordo in Medieval Architecture as a Means for Evangelization in the Twenty-First Century
    (20) Academic Track: Richard Bulzacchelli, There Are No Doors to Open if There Are No Walls: Maintaining Sacramental Discipline as a Prerequisite for Preaching the Gospel
    (21) Pastoral Track: Fr. Nick Schneider, In My Heart and on My Lips: Proclamation in the Mass as a Model for Evangelization

    3:00pm concluding Plenary Session (announcement of new officers)
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  • rollingrj
    Posts: 346
    I thought one had to be a member of the Society to attend.
  • chonakchonak
    Posts: 9,176
    It appears that you can join and register at the same time.
  • Conference attendance is open to all, including non-members.

    If you are interested in becoming a member, here's a link to apply (see "apply for membership" button at the bottom of the page):
  • I think I can make Friday and Saturday!
    Thanks for posting, Jenny. :)
  • JahazaJahaza
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    Best wishes for a successful conference.

    I was thinking about going, but airfare from NY was pricey! And it's the same weekend as the dedication of the rebuilt Brampton, ON St. Elias Church, so we're headed there for our liturgical weekend instead.
  • Deadline for registration is Tuesday, Sept. 6th! Register here:
  • Jenny,

    Isn't holding a sacred liturgy conference at Our Lady of the Angels a little like hosting an NAACP conference in Governor George Wallace's boyhood home? (Please, note, there is a complete lack of purple, and I don't mean to be at all snarky).


  • chonakchonak
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    I suppose Jenny will get to answer it in a while, but I will observe: if the cathedral invited SCL, it says something.
  • CharlesW
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    Isn't holding a sacred liturgy conference at Our Lady of the Angels a little like hosting an NAACP conference in Governor George Wallace's boyhood home?

    Please, don't slander George by identifying him with that ugly-as-sin building. However, the conference sounds great and something good could come from it. Maybe it's a sign of better things for the future. Unfortunately, I am three thousand miles away, so the distance is not practical for attending a conference. Hope to hear good things about it.