NPM 2016 - Masses @ Annunciation
  • Hi all,

    I am (for one more month!) DoM/Organist at Annunciation in downtown Houston. Because our parish is so close to the convention center, three of the NPM convention’s morning Masses will be celebrated in our church.

    I would like to extend an invitation to any of you who will be in attendance and would like to sing a bit of chant to join us. As these are “timeboxed” weekday Masses, the music will not be elaborate, but it will be of good quality, including proper chants in Latin and English.

    I’m holding a rehearsal at Annunciation at 7pm on Sunday evening. If you’re in town by then and would like to sing, please make plans to attend. (If there’s interest, we can grab Tex-Mex afterward!)

  • BruceL
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    Good luck, Felipe! Wish I were in Texas to take you up on it!
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    Thank you for doing this, Felipe!
  • chonakchonak
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    What a fine thing!

    I think back to their convention of just three years ago, when their opening event expressed artistry and skill by having grown men and women wave ribbons attached to sticks:

    when their solemn procession into the National Shrine for Mass was accompanied by fabric kites that looked like fish:

    The show left some people puzzled (like Jeffrey Tucker and Kathy Pluth) and others just guffawing here on an extensive forum thread that followed.

    I trust that the trend toward saner and more skillful artistic expression is slowly winning its way.
  • Kathy
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    I'd love to hear updates.
  • Alas, no one from this forum or the Facebook thread where I posted showed to rehearse … however, we have a great group of singers from Houston who will lead the singing at these Masses.

    Music for Wednesday is:
    Introit: Bartlett/LCSG
    RP: sung-through, one of the Meinrad tones (I can’t recall which)
    Offertory: Bartlett
    Communion: American Gradual antiphon, “Gift of finest wheat”
    Recessional: “Nox et tenebrae”, as translated in the Mundelein Psalter, set to OLD HUNDREDTH

    Friday is similar, but with the GR communion and Mundelein Psalter’s “Doctor aeternus” translation, to the melody as given in the Liber hymnarius (“Iste confessor”).

    Saturday is identical to Wednesday but for using the GR for communion.

    Each day uses a different Meinrad tone.
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    So apparently there's a breakout session RIGHT NOW that leads off with my Hymn Tune Introits.

    Rather exciting!