The barred V and R - Versicles and responses
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    Good morning,

    I am still trying out gregorio and I have made some progress. Yet, I have a problem with the barred V and R.

    I copied this example from the gregorio website:


    % !TEX TS-program = LuaLaTeX+se




    \gabcsnippet{(c4) V/. Ky(f)ri(d)e(d) e(d)le(d)i(c)son(d.) R/.(::)}%
    \gabcsnippet{ Chris(f)te(d) e(d)le(d)i(c)son(d.)}%
    \gabcsnippet{V/.(::) Ky(f)ri(d)e(d) e(d)le(d)i(c)son(d.) (::)}%


    === end

    Everything appears correctly except the barred V and R. I tried sp and /sp already, but yet no better result. I have seen another discussion about this already, but after implementing the good ideas from that discussion, I still have no better result. Is anyone willing to help me?

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,

  • Liam
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    Maybe this will help?
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  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    If you are working with the online page here, an example of how to do the verse and response signs would be:

    (c4)<sp>V/</sp>.(h) <sp>R/</sp>.(h)

    If you mess up the wrong jot or tittle, you will of course not get what you are aiming at.

    In TeX, if you are typing text and need to call for these characters, you use the commands \Vbar. and \Rbar.

    However, in this case you need also to have before the start of your document the command to \usepackage{gregoriosyms}.

    I mention this because I think that there have been occasional instances when I have had to resort to the TeX commands \Vbar and \Rbar when the gabc codes for them didn't happen to produce the correct results.

    At any rate, this is how things work for me; the caveat is, I haven't updated since 2012; also, a number of things in the code you have posted are not familiar to me (though possibly they are just features I never learned to use).
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  • Optimatus
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    Thanks for your help.

    Is there also a possibility to put a V/ over an large initial?
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    Is this it:

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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Just type: \mbox{V\kern-.5em /}
    if \Vbar seems to give you trouble. E.g. the following will produce a barred V above the large first letter.

    annotation: \mbox{V\kern-.5em /} ;

    See this thread for further details.
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    Thank you! This is working :)