7 musical works of mercy
  • Skladach
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    Don't have time to read all the earlier suggestions in the comments, but here's a work of mercy: File the choral music for the music director at the conclusion of a liturgical season.
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    Don't use anything ever again by OCP or GIA.
  • Don,

    Is that a work of mercy, of justice, or of common sense?
  • KARU27
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    As I'm reading the older comments about the difficulty of climbing the stairs to the loft, I'm wondering if stairs to the loft are supposed to be functioning as a gate of sorts?

    "Oh, too bad you can't climb the stairs now that you're 102 years young! Thanks for your 84 years of service to the choir, though!"
    Maybe the architects did it on purpose?