Metrical "O filii et filiae" as in LU - recording?
  • I am looking for a recording online of "O filii et filiae" which would agree exactly with the metrical (3/4 time signature) version as found in the Liber Usualis.

    Does anyone know of such a recording?

    From what I was finding on YouTube, the free-rhythmed chant notation version of this hymn is much more prevalent, and all of the metrical versions available either have melodic differences (e.g. G#'s) or rhythmic differences (e.g. not doing the last alleluia of the verses in time), and are therefore unsatisfactory.

    [Is the LU's metrical version really that uncommon?]
  • tomjaw
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    This is one of the 'chants' that older versions of the books have in modern notation and more recent books have in chant notation. Our choir always would sing the modern notation version as if it was chant rather than slavishly following the music as written.