The National Archive of Anglican Chants
  • Hello everybody. I am Peter William John Kirk [UK]. I am the custodian of the National Archive of Anglican Chants with a collection of 17400 chants from over 400 sources. I am nearly finished a web page with a few hundred chants, sources, composers, biographies, personal recollections, and lots of interesting samples. Part two is [copyright permitting] will contain over 17000 chants for use and interest. It is painfully slow scanning them in but I get this finished in say two years.
    Should anybody like to enter their own chants, now is a good time. This is, obviously, the biggest collection in the world that have not seen light of day for 100-200 years! There is an Anglican Chant Appreciation Society on Facebook, feel free to check it out. I think there are around 2600 members world-wide from major cathedral organists down to small parish church musicians. Hope you find it interesting. Seasons greetings to you all. Peter & Tessa.
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    Is a list of the books in your collection available on the net somewhere? That would help us know what materials are already covered. For instance, I scanned a copy of Baker and Monk's "The Psalter and Canticles" last year, but I imagine it's something you already have.
  • This sounds like it will be a most useful resource. God bless the work!
  • A full list will be printed on the web page. I mostly own or have access to most. I will keep this group updated.
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    Wonderful! Now if only the Anglican psalmody were approved for use in the Catholic church…
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    The Chants are not prohibited and are especially appropriate - but not limited to - Ordinariate use.
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    cmb might be referring to the use of the Coverdale Psalter.
  • Anglican chant also works very well with Latin!
    I can't imagine it with the abrupt and chunky language of the new Grail.

    (Did I understand that you were looking for new chants? I have written quite a few, some of which are very nice, and some of which are run-of-the-mill.)
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  • Peter William John Kirk, enjoy your posts on FB, and am very glad to see you here.
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    @MatthewRoth Yes, that's what I was referring to.

    Of course, I suppose you can use them anywhere an "Option 4" is permitted. And, I suppose there would be nothing prohibiting pairing up Coverdale psalm verses with English propers, since there is no official translation of the Graduale, and it would become an "Option 1."

    That leaves us with the responsorial psalm and the Divine Office where we are stuck with Grail.