Articles for Liturgical Music discussion group?
  • Heath
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    I have been asked by a couple students (college) here at my place of employment to begin a discussion group on liturgical music to begin this coming semester. We're going to give it a trial run, and with some success, I'll do it every year.

    Format: Over dinner, each participant will have a brief article/document to read with discussion to follow. Each reading assignment will last no more than 10 minutes; I'm trying to not give the students any "homework". I'd like for each reading to be done right then and there.

    And so, I'd like to hear of any article suggestions you all may have. Many topics are up for grabs, though I'll have few trained musicians, so articles concerning variants in Gregorian chant manuscripts will probably get little consideration. : )

    I will draw from the following for different sessions:

    --Sacrosanctum Concilium

    --Musicam Sacram

    --Sing to the Lord

    --Snowbird statement and Milwaukee statement, probably

    --timeline on music in the Cath. Church

    --Traditional vs. Contemporary music

    --Topics around Gregorian chant

    Any good articles out there that are "user-friendly" to neophytes in this field? Thanks in advance.
  • miacoyne
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    "Why Sacred Music Matters" by Arlene and Jeffrey is excellent. It's in Sacred Music, Fall, 2004.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    "Cum Angelis Canere" is a long article, but a good one I think.