Funny typos you've seen/made in worship aids
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    Morning Offering final phrases:

    "and in particular for the intentions of our Holy Father for this month."

    Neice age 6: Why is he the Holy Father for this month?
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    This week we offer prayers for all who volunteer in our community. Particularly those who drive the elderly from their homes.
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    There was a time when we listed the birth and death dates of composers. Caesar Franck for some reason got a misprint that made him live for like 200+ years. I bet you never even knew he was a vampire.
  • Jackson,

    Correct the sentence thusly:

    His daughter married Dietrich Buxtehude, who succeeded him.
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    Caesar Franck… a vampire.
    The name changes (NG has Melchior, Johann, César, Amsallem, Eduard, Thomas) were to throw the townspeople off the track.
  • This week we offer prayers for all who volunteer in our community. Particularly those who drive the elderly from their homes.

    The only typo I see is a period instead of a comma. Other than that, I don’t think that’s a typo.
  • Neither exactly nor inexactly a 'typo' in a mass leaflet, but a confusing sentence about Henry Purcell from the notes of one of my current recital programs. Though it can be 'understood' in two ways, I have decided to let it stand -

    'He grew up in the shadow of Westminster Abbey. His father, who was a member of the Chapel Royal, died when he was five years old. He was thus left in the care of his uncle...'

    (There are times when 'context' is everything!)
  • From a rural parish's bulletin (edited to remove names to save from embarrassment):

    The parish is honored to welcome His Excellentence, Bishop N., for the Installation of Father N.

    The Installation is to be held at the 12:05 Mass at the St. N Parish on Thursday, August 22, East of the Queen Ship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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    Not a bulletin, but last week I was commenting to the secretary about how last year the lector substituted "immortality" for "immorality" in the passage, "refrain from all immorality." What do you know, but the lector said "immortality" again!
  • A friend shared this on facebook: "Remembrance Sunday: We will remember those killed and injured in conflicts during our morning service."
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  • Here's a good one:

    Agnes Dei

  • In the worship aid for a funeral: "Final Condemnation." Not sure if that was the "predictive text" auto correct or other ...
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    In the Bleak Mudwinter- Darke
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  • In some places where I've lived, 'Mudwinter' is accurate.
  • I once heard a deacon during Holy Week mess up when reading for Christ: “Father, into your hands I condemn my spirit.”

    I nearly fell over the banister of the loft.
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