Choir Robes get Stylish
  • Buzzzzz...
  • Except that they aren't choir robes.
    One would never guess that they were Catholic, would one?
    This is sort of in the same category as Episcopal 'Bishop' Schorri's mitre hat, isn't it?
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  • They're meant to look like something vaguely priestly.

    They fail.
  • Not 'vaguely priestly', but blatantly beastly.

    Actually, they look sort of like bumble bees.
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  • Tenors are red. Original series red, or Next Generation red? Their lives may depend on it!
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  • francisfrancis
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  • I suppose it is worth pointing out (or not...) that the choir itself is from Hope College, which is not Catholic (but somehow associated with the Reformed Church in America).

    As for the doesn't help. At least this part is true: "No one would ever describe these robes as subtle".
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  • Reval
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    Eames. Furniture designers. Figures. Any clothing designer would know that people are not supposed to be dressed in horizontal stripes.
    I think it's sweet that they had a corporate choir, though.
  • TCJ
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    It looks like the prison choir.
  • Those choir robes make them look fat. Horizontal stripes were a bad idea.
  • tomjaw
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    I thought they would have made good alternative costumes for "Logans Run", thats if they could have found the extra funding to buy the yards of extra fabric per Actress.

    If only we could have arranged a concert for them here, photos 3 & 4
  • They look like stacks of poker chips.
  • francisfrancis
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    i like these better

    among the most influential designers of the twentieth century... The robe colors are intended to symbolize the four primary voice parts, from highest and brightest (yellow) to lowest and darkest (purple). The black horizontal lines represent an extended grand staff, and the other black swatches stand for random notes in the universe. Purity of tone and faith are represented by the prevailing white that appears on every surplice. No one would ever describe these robes as subtle; they are very much in line with the bold and quirky designs of mid-century modernism. But, as the work of Charles and Ray Eames, they hold a special place in twentieth century art and design, and would be at home in art galleries everywhere.
    hahahahaha... yes, please keep them in the art gallery.
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  • CharlesW
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    Wonder if I could get chartreuse, half way between yellow and green for my basses. This to indicate that sometimes they approach pitch in one direction then another.
  • I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Aida...
  • It looks like the prison choir.

    Were you a member long? Or just part of the general congregation.
  • ryandryand
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    At least discerning ears in the audience will have an easier time finding which group of souls to stare at judgementaly when intonation goes askew.
  • Some things just cannot be unseen. I liked them fine until that poker-chip crack.
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  • francisfrancis
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    Its not the design that is particularly the problem it's that it all says "look at me". The purpose of robes is really not about being seen but being a ubiquitous whole.
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