What's wrong with having an organ play hymns automatically using MIDI?
  • An interesting corollary is the notion of whether one can participate in Mass virtually. If you are home-bound, or otherwise unable to attend Mass, or if it is not a day of obligation, does viewing a Mass on TV or through other media count as participation? I know that there was something suggesting that the proceedings either of Pope Francis' inaugural Mass or following the liturgies for the synod, or something similar. Would it be fair to say that participation is valid in those cases only where physical presence is impossible, but the true desire for participation is present? How does that translate to virtual instruments? If only a MIDI instrument is physically possible, does it count? If no performer is available, does a MIDI recording assist the faithful validly? (That is, if there were not the resources to bring the faithful to a place of a capella comfort before this point.)
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    Concerning playing a recording of a sermon, I attended the High Mass at Westminster Cathedral in London on Pentecost. The celebrant was an American Cardinal, the prefect of the Congregation on Social Communication. Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor had prepared a message to be played in all churches of the diocese, and so the American Cardinal did not preach, rather we all listened to the canned message of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. I decided to stay for the next Mass, and lo and behold, the celebrant was the very Cardinal Archbishop himself; when it came time for the recorded message, he came to the pulpit and said, I have a recorded message for you, but you can pick up a copy at the back of the church, so I will preach now.
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    If you are unable to attend Mass, your preceptual obligation doesn't oblige. Attendance via TV or radio is not a substitute, as a substitute is not needed.

    The one time TV or radio suffices is for live transmission of the Urbi et Orbi benedictions on Christmas and Easter - for the indulgence associated therewith.
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    Dr. Mahrt,

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    And what if, in a small parish, no organist is available (or affordable)? Is not a (sequenced) MIDI better than a guitar strummer?
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    And what if, in a small parish, no organist is available (or affordable)? Is not a (sequenced) MIDI better than a guitar strummer?
    No. Unaccompanied singing (chanting) would be so much preferable to either of those choices. And the MIDI is not licit anyway.
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    The poorest parish on earth has all the resources for a splendidly beautiful opportunity to provide the most sacred of sacred music for the liturgy. Funds and instruments are not needed. The priest chants his dialogues and the people or schola of 2 (or less) or even more, could simply sing Mass XVIII or any other artistic setting of the ordinary and I believe God would be elated. Straight from the heart to the heart.