Missing pages in 1957 "Mass and Vespers" PDF
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    I would first like to say how much I appreciated using the 1957 Mass and Vespers PDF, using a tablet (per Ben Yanke's post on Chant Cafe) for Holy Week so far. There was however a slight problem: pages 514-516 were missing and/or were botched (it's the part for the Palm Sunday procession covering parts of the Gloria laus et honor). Would anyone happen to have a scan of these pages? Just to repeat: the pages missing are 514-516. Thank you and God bless!
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    Can't help in that area, but I'm glad you found the post useful!
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    Pange Lingua for Holy Thursday/Corpus Christi had a couple of pages switched order too. But a great book. We've been printing it out big for the short sighted people in the choir.
  • Veromary, I used to use Mass and Vespers until I discovered the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest's website:

    I actually create an 8.5"x11" "book" for each Mass we sing, with the Collect, lessons, proper preface, and so on, with the Propers inserted in such a way so page turns are minimized or eliminated. I type the translations below the chants, but use Mass & Vespers for the non-musical sections and translation (Snipping Tool). Then we just insert whatever Mass setting we are using and whatever motets/extra chants and so on. We've been a schola for seven years, so everyone now has binders at home with their sets of propers filed as well as motets and chants ("ruthlessly filed alphabetically by title and then composer"--my scholistas laugh about that, but my homeschooled teens' parents appreciate the backup on 'get organized and stay organized'!).

    I very much appreciated that the ICKSP Crux fidelis has the antiphon repeats written out within the score--no page turning except for the jump to verse 10!
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    If someone can scan the missing pages or point me to a source for them, I'll try to correct the PDF file on our site.
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    It seems that pdf p. 962 (p.776NN?) of the 1961 Liber Usualis is blank, as well. How is EF Compline of Holy Saturday sung?
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    There is no p. 776NN. It was deliberately made blank. If one attended the Vigil Mass, one didn't do Compline in choir (see page 776G), or Matins, or Lauds for that matter.
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    Ah. Gotcha. Thanks.
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    Bump. Anyone here who has a copy of the book and a scanner as well? I seem to remember there was a person here a few years ago mentioning that he had a hard copy of the book.
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    I don't have a hardware scanner, but I used my phone to capture the missing pages. It's not an elegant solution, but the content is there.

    I've found having the English translation along with the chant to be extremely useful. A friend of mine gave me my copy, which eventually led me to discover the wide world of sacred music I never knew existed. And this forum, of course.
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    Thank you very much!
  • Hello,
    Here are a few scans of the missing pages 514 to 516:


    The middle of the book is a bit blurry, where the joint is. Sorry for that...
    No way I was going to pull apart this (rare) book. :-)

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