Forgoing a hymnal and the school
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    My pastor has suggested we forgo a replacement hymnal for Gather and buy the Lumen Christi missal and print a weekly worship bulletin. I am onboard with this proposition with the exception of the weekly school mass.

    For those of a specialized lot, in essence, those who print a weekly bulletin AND have a school mass, what do you do? Do you print a school mass bulletin also or other options?

    Inquiring minds.....

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    I'd like to think we're still headed that way as well, Kevin, though logistics point towards the status quo (OCP BB/Miss).
    If I had the call to make today, I'd keep LicensSing and use sheets for school, or if we install in the mother church, projection.
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    Kevin, not sure if you saw what we use here when you visited a while back.

    1) Make sure you have a really good copier...and service contract!
    2) Make sure the pastor knows how much the paper is going to cost...
    3) I think doing two a week is sort of stressful, but it just depends. The flexibility it affords is a definite benefit. We never had an order of worship for school Masses at my last job, and often I wished we did.
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    A worship bulletin does not have to be weekly... it could just as well be fortnightly, or seasonal. You can fit quite a lot on a worship aid and cut down on the amount of time spent with it. A school Mass might be a place where a bit of educational repetition would help.
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    Hi Bruce,
    The projected cost comparison I did about 2 years ago projected at least 50% annual savings regarding the ordo sheet (not counting on Lumen Christi, hopefully purchased by families directly.) The feasibility factor, projecting a tri-fold 11/17 with a chant, hymn and song available in English (not even counting Spanish) for the processions & ordinary was another huge mitigating factor. In a four parish merge, with a 2500 seat basilica due to go online in three years, mockup of said ordo is the easy part. Duplication, folding, timely distribution (as we've had issues with bulletins, calendars etc. in the past) is quite another matter. Administrative and associate staff are up to eyeballs now. So, there's a lot to consider in a large or merged parish situation.
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    We do a School Mass Worship Aid each week.

    It includes:
    Lumen Christi Entrance Chant
    Lumen Christi Psalm
    Lumen Christi Gospel Acclamation (Lent) or Alleluia from Simplex
    Either an Offertory Hymn or a Lumen Christi Offertory Chant
    One of the Lumen Christi Taste and See antiphons (they've sung all 8 modes)
    Either a Communion hymn or a short additional antiphon
    A recessional hymn or note of an instrumental piece

    The above is printed on a standard 8.5/11 piece of paper, front and back. It has the name of the feast or weekday we are celebrating. The children know 2 Kyries, and and Sanctus/Agnus Dei XVIII and thus printing them is unnecessary (plus there is a Kyriale in the pews presently that they could use if necessary).

    Sometimes if we use a Seasonal Entrance Chant we can get away with printing one for two weeks (with both Psalms printed).

    The school prints these for me as long as I get it to them by 4pm the day before the Mass. Then they are distributed to the children in their classrooms before they walk over to the church.
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  • A recessional hymn or note of an instrumental piece

    Just one note?
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    Well, that is what I'm famous for.
  • So, then, we needn't worry about 'too many notes'!
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    Just one note?

    Name that tune!
  • Just one note?

    Name that tune!

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    At least if you have one note you know it's not John Cage.
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    Does tremolo count? James Tenney's Postcard Pieces include Having Never Written a Note for Percussion.
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    Okay, it obviously ain't John Cage. But, it might just be Terry Riley!
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    We print sheets for school Masses for a similar situation - it really helps to use the same songs in each season. We printed one Lent sheet, one advent sheet etc, and used the same songs throughout the season. They are collected after Mass