Dum sanctificatus for sprinkling
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    In preparing for a Mass for the dedication of an altar (a first for me), I am somewhat confounded by the options giving for the required sprinkling rite. The Caeremoniale Episcoporum (I only have the Latin, sorry) says the following:
    Invocatione super aquam expleta, Episcopus, diaconis comitantibus, aqua benedicta populum aspergit per aulam ecclesiae transiens et, ad presbyterium reversus, aspergit altare.
    Interea cantatur antiphona: Vidi aquam vel, tempore Quadragesimae: Dum sanctificatus, vel alius aptus cantus. (938, emphasis added)

    The only "Dum sanctificatus" which I know if is the alternate introit for the vigil of Pentecost (and perhaps a few other days throughout the year). I cannot locate any other chant by this name. Is this the intended text for this event? More generally, has this always been an option for the aspersion and I have simply been ignorant of it?

    Regarding the actual dedication rites, which text, if any, would have music for the various antiphons sung during the different parts of those rites? They are, according to the Latin titles given in the Caeremoniale, the following:
    -At the depositing of relics: Sub altare Dei vel: Corpora Sanctorum cum Psalm 14
    -At the anointing: Unxit cum Psalmo 44
    -At the incensation: Stetit angelus vel: Ascendit fumus cum Psalm 137
    -At the illumination: Apud te, Domine

    I do have the ICEL Dedication of a Church and an Altar with translations of these texts, but I thought the Latin titles might be more helpful.

    Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.


    [Edit: Problem solved upon receipt of PDFs referenced below. Thank you!]
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    I have a pdf of all the dedication rite chants from the appendix of the rite. When I get home I'll upload it.
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