Petit and Fritsen (Dutch) Handbells Sought
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    aldine, I too am on the hunt for a set of Petit and Fritsen's. I see a set sold at auction for $200 recently. Peter Hallock, founder of the Compline Choir in Seattle used an extended set in the 1950's as an 'extra' for his fledgling Men of Compline. Hallock and Proulx were good friends in the biz. Proulx died in 2010, and Hallock a year ago. Pax in aeternum. Last Sunday our men of the Trinity Compline Choir for the first time chanted the office to the accompaniment of more modern handbells our Parish owns. The bell idea was a good one but the soft, halo-y sound of the modern bells was not as appropriate, especially after hearing the simulcast of the Compline Choir using the Petit and Fritsen's. If we find some P & F's simultaneously we might have to arm wrestle to see who gets them. 8<)<br />regards, as always, jefe
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    Aldine & Jefe,
    I am a member of one of two churches that are in the process of merging. Both churches have handbells. Ours are two octaves of Petit Ne Fritsen; 25 bells. They are in reasonable good shape. Are you still interested?
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    Hope, you may wish to send a pm (personal mail) to these two posters. It is more likely that they will get them because they link directly to the recipient's email. Best wishes.
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    Thanks Canadash, I am in contact with both of them.
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    I have a set of Petit and Fritsen handbells for sale. I have three octaves from C3 through C6. I also have some bells from C2 to C3. These were purchased from the factory in 1960 and have been refurbished in the last 5 years. They were appraised at $15,000, but I obviously would sell them for less. I can be contacted at
  • Hi! I am searching for a few P&F handbells that are missing from my set: G#4, A#4, F#5, D#6. My set is from roughly the 40s/50s. Thank you for any help! My contact is
  • I have about 10 Petit and Fritzen bells available.......if anyone is interested, please e mail me, and I'll provide the note name and number that are available, and we can discuss pricing.