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    The Peachy Amish?
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    . . . and don't forget the straw hats and suspenders! I admire and appreciate the Amish farmers I know for their dedication to organic, sustainable agriculture and the ethical treatment of livestock.
  • I've sometimes said that if I didn't have to have dorky looking bowl haircuts, I might become Amish.

    Wait, don't ...

    You made it too easy!
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  • If I've seemed pushy, it's because I deal with these folks on a regular basis. There's both respect and realism there. What most people learn about them from the media is like learning about Catholicism from George Carlin routines.

    And PGA? I think I'll pass that on to my wife...who does my hair.
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    Yeah, but they really cool looking beards ;)
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    Who knows, maybe Pope Francis in his new encyclical will point to the Amish community as an example of ecological sensitivity and carbon footprint minimalism.
  • A few years ago I was awakened at dawn by the sound of about a hundred hammers, loud crashes, and general rowdiness. A large group of young Amish men had descended on the roof of a house behind ours and were putting on new shingles. They were quite a sight and swore like sailors as they worked, their conversations were PG-13 at best LOL! The cops regularly bust Amish keggers in the rural areas here too. They aren't as different from us "English" as people think they are. The young Amish men worked on that roof for three days, each day they came at 5am and left at sunset. I have to say I was impressed with their work ethic, I have no desire to do anything at that hour of the morning other than sleep! Guess I wouldn't make a good Amish person lol..
  • I've often thought it unfair that Amish vehicles don't go through the same E-check procedure as English vehicles, since their vehicles DO have exhaust emissions. Put the buggy on those rollers, then stick the wand in the tailpipe. I think I'd pay to watch that.
  • Or a nitrous button LOL!