Sunday Introit in English
  • On Sunday (OF) for the Epiphany, we will sing the Gregorian introit before Mass and then instead of a hymn, we've been singing English settings of the Introit text with Psalm tones, based on the Anglican Use Gradual.

    Here is Sunday's, graciously made public by Chabanel.

  • Lazszlo Dobszay suggests this.
  • that comes out weird without the proper fonts...
  • oh whoops. I'm sure you are right. I'll fix
  • Fixed i think
  • A parish music director of my acquaintance found a 1965 English version of Rossini propers in his files, and was planning to introduce the Introit (and maybe Communion) from that book at the Epiphany Mass tomorrow. I won't be at that Mass, but I'll try to get a report.