Divine Office in Liber? Page Numbers?
  • Does anyone have a cheat-sheet to learn how to pray the Office of the Extraordinary Form using only the Liber Usualis? I'm not sure where to start with page numbers and the like, and cursory Google searches aren't helping much.

    Thank you!
  • JahazaJahaza
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    It's going to depend on what edition of the Liber you have.

    In addition, the whole office is not in the Liber. Sunday Vespers is there for every Sunday and more offices for major feasts.
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    Yes, it depends what you are wanting to do. Off the top of my head I believe most of the day offices for feasts and Sundays can be done, Vespers and Compline can be done for the days of the week. Matins is excluded except for Christmass and triduum.
  • With that understood, is anyone aware of some summary that would explain how? I'm trying to use the Liber to learn bits of Church Latin (supplemental to textbooks, and for prayer even the modern "Liturgy of the Hours.") However, not yet knowing Latin, I am at a disadvantage in finding these instructions in the Liber and understanding them even if I did.
  • JahazaJahaza
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    The Liber Usualis 1961 with rubrics in English is available here.

    Sunday Vespers on Ordinary Sundays starts at page 250. It will cross refer you to other pages as neccesary. You need the proper Magnificat antiphon from the Proper of Time and the page with the antiphon will refer you to the page for the matching Magnificat.
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  • Thank you! This is very helpful.
  • tomjaw
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    The other option is to use this website...

    I would use the Divino Afflatu version, but you will need a 1950 or earlier Liber, otherwise use the Rubrics 1960, which should work with the Liber link above.
    You could then use the index at the back of the Liber to find the music.

    For Offices not contained in the Liber you will the Antiphonale...