Need Lilypond Help, file attached
  • I have written a very simple Spanish kyrie ("Señor ten piedad..."), Lilypond source file attached (saved as a TXT file, because it will not let me upload filetype *.ly).

    I am having a couple of problems and I just can't make heads or tails of the Lilypond documentation on these matters so that I can help myself with them.

    The first thing is, I want to have a repeat sign at the end of each of the first two systems (instead of having the workaround text "se repite" above, which I have placed in there for the time being). I would like it if the Midi output would also reflect these repeats.

    The second thing is, on the last line, I would like a repeat sign and then a second ending (the first having the minor chord and then the second having the picardy third).

    The third thing is, I would like it to display the Spanish as "Señor" (with the tilde over the "n"). I cannot get Lilypond to do this here, in spite of having read all the tutorials and everything. It is giving me "Pango" problems, but I have no idea how to fix that. I saved it as UTF-8 per Lilypond instructions, etc. I don't get it.

    I am self-taught on all of this stuff, and have obviously come up against the limits of my understanding.

    If anyone could help me with these probably quick and simple fixes, I would greatly appreciate it.

    What I am not asking for:
    Critique of the musical composition. I know, it is very basic and very poor. Etc. etc.

    Many thanks!
  • chonakchonak
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    (1) If you're on Linux, you can define a Compose key using X11, and then enter the ~n from the keyboard.

    (2) Putting the repeat bars in the middle of a measure would make the score confusing -- is it even permitted to do so? -- so I wrote it out in full. By the way, the graphical front-end "noteedit" is a big help for creating Lilypond files. It also produced a midi file. The forum won't accept a midi file as an attachment, so drop a note to my yahoo address if you want a copy.
  • Thanks!