2014 Indy Colloquium Posters
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    This falls into the Shameless Commerce Category.

    I made this design a few weeks ago for colloquium-themed T-shirts, and decided to also have it printed as a poster.

    The first one went as a thank-you gift to Andrew Motyka, the Indianapolis diocesan director of music, whose efforts launched the idea of a colloquium in Indy.

    If anyone would like to buy a copy, I can have it made at a FedEx Office (Kinko's) print shop near you. They're 18" x 24", mounted on foam board, with a laminated surface. It looks nice. They're $50 (just a few dollars above cost). To make arrangements, please send me a private message through the forum (click on my name), so I can give you my PayPal address and you can give me your name and phone number; I'll pass these on to the print shop so you can pick up the poster there.

    (For the sake of simplicity, I'm only dealing with FedEx for now.)

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  • It looks nice in my office. Thanks, Chonak!
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    it kind of looks like a stamp. You should petition the US Postal Service to make a real stamp out of it to promote Sacred Music.

    Or you should create stickers of it and pass them out so every year that you attend the conference you get a sticker.

    Gig'n musicians such as I did in a past life go to music stores in towns they are gig'ing in and put bumper stickers and brand label stickers all over their road cases.

    It was a lot of fun while I did it.
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    Those of you who attended the Colloquium may know already that we never got to sell our order of T-shirts to attendees, because the shipping company made a mistake, misrouted the box, and sent it back to the printers too late to turn it around to us. The printers (CultureWorks in Burlington, VT) did such nice work, and on customer service, they were wonderful about the problem: they took the loss and refunded the payment CMAA had made.

    It was disappointing, but afterward I sent the printer $20 to send me one of the tees, and it arrived today. Here's a casual snapshot:


    Alas, the rest have been recycled!
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  • I arranged for my poster with RC and the local FedEx/Kinkos. It looks great--all done efficiently. Highly recommended.