Music Director named for St. Mary's Seminary in Houston, Texas
  • mgearthman
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    I am happy to announce that Ms. Alexis Kutarna has been named Music Director at St. Mary's Seminary in Houston, Texas.

    Alexis is coming to us from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, where she was the Director of Liturgy and Music at a local parish.
    She holds a Masters in Choral Conducting and will be finishing up her Masters in Liturgy at the Liturgical Institute (Mundelein) this Summer.

    She has already made a positive impact upon the seminarians and faculty at St. Mary's Seminary, and we look forward to her talented contributions to the Program of Priestly Formation here in Houston.

    Here on the MusicaSacra forum, she goes by @Ally.

    Welcome, Alexis!

    Fr. Michael G. Earthman
    Moderator of the Liturgy
    St. Mary's Seminary
    Houston, Texas
  • Ally
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    Thank you so much, Fr. Earthman.

    I am really looking forward to working along with you and the other faculty at St. Mary's Seminary in forming our future priests, especially to sing the Mass! I am also aware of the great responsibility in this task. I am thankful and blessed to have this opportunity, and we are happy to be making Houston our home.

    If I may, I humbly ask for your prayers as my family makes this transition, as well as for St. Mary's Seminary and for all who form and guide our future priests.

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    Dittos from CA, Ally. I have a fondness for all named "Alexis" as my beloved mother-in-law was one, and tolerated, eventually loved the silly musician her eldest daughter insisted upon marrying, a soprano (btw) of the first order. JMO actually interviewed my W for his first major CCW video at Loyola. Imagine, Wendy and MaryAnn as seat mates with Wilko, and neighbors in the dorms!
    Keep Houston safe from Gavin and Jackson, okay?
  • Congrats, Ally!!!
    When getting started in sacred music, I asked my mentor, who was our auxiliary bishop at the time, where in the body of Christ, was the top priority for a renewal of sacred music?
    Without hesitation, he said the changes need to happen in seminaries to have lasting effect.

    So, go and make a difference! So glad you will be building up the Church in this particular area, and I will certainly be praying for your family and the move.

  • Yup, Melo, great times. I am so blessed for the memories and the learning and the friendship.
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    Dear Ally: Congratulations of your position. I am sure you will find that teaching the seminarians to be fulfilling and a vital part of the mission of the church. I have PM's you, I am faculty at Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas, and you will be getting to know many of my former students, who are very talented.
    All blessings!
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