Organ Accompaniment for Office Antiphons
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    As promised in the thread "Help with vespers", I have begun scanning music for the antiphons of the Office (English texts as in the Liturgy of the Hours) put together by the Abbey of Gethsemani in the early 1980s. The antiphons are chant-style but written in modern notation. I'm working on the organ pages first since they include the voice part but not vice versa. However on the rare occasions where voice copy and organ copy differ, the voice part is correct. They are available in Dropbox HERE:

    I will add to it as I find the time.
    - Sr. Sarah David

    *A couple notes:
    Seasonal Accompaniment - Advent
    --the misplaced pages for Fri/Sat are at the end of the .pdf

    Seasonal Accompaniment - Christmas
    --contains only seasonal antiphons (for others, cf. Proper of Saints, forthcoming)

    -Ordinary Time part 1 - Sundays
    -Lent (weeks 1-5)

    Added 5/23/14:
    -Psalm Tones
    -Ordinary Time part 2 - feria weeks 1&2

    -Ordinary Time part 3 - feria weeks 3&4
    -Holy Week, Easter Week, Sundays of Easter
    -Ferial days of Easter

    Still to come: Invitatories, Commons and Propers of Saints, and voice copy for everything.
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    Added 6/19/14:
    -Invitatory psalms and antiphons
    -Common of Saints
    -Solemnities (with Immaculate Heart at the end after Sacred Heart)
    -Feasts and Memorials (my computer ran out of RAM towards the end so I had to scan the last 7 pages as a separate file, sorry)
    -a cover letter from the early 1980s and some corrigenda

    I think this is everything as far as the organ music goes. Please let me know if you find that some pages (or sections!) are missing.

    If anyone would like the voice part for a particular Office, PM me; otherwise I plan to take a hiatus before tackling the pile of voice music.
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    Marvelous, Sister, thank you so much!!
  • About half of the voice copy is now available at the link given above. Common of Saints and the rest of the Seasonal are still to be scanned.

    At the request of a forum member here, we have also put a link to them from our monastery website, under (what else?) Liturgy - Antiphonary.

    Edit (2018): it got dropped from the new version of our website, but the Dropbox link in the first post of this thread will still hold good.
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  • When this is complete, I would like to join together some of the files, for instance the pdf's for OT; saints' commons and propers; the seasonals. Is there freeware that would allow me to do that, does anyone know?
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    If you have a Apple mac I think you can join by drag and drop in Preview, it worked last time I tried.
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    As I mentioned elsewhere, I get splendid results from pdfedit which I downloaded for free from SourceForge. I generally use it at its maximum resolution (600dpi) and 100% (non)compression.

    Also, when I print from Finale via PDF995, I typically use 2400dpi resolution.
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  • I use the PDFill PDF Tools, which also are free.
  • Many thanks for the pointers, igneus, tomjaw, CHGiffen, & Protasius.

    Everything is now scanned and uploaded, and suitably combined into just a few files.

    And for what it's worth, some of the antiphons can serve a double purpose as Mass Propers for certain memorials (check both the GR and RM text options); for instance:

    Common of Apostles, Magnificat / communion: When all things are made new.
    Common of Pastors, Magnificat / communion: This is a faithful and prudent steward.
    Jan 25, Lauds 2 / introit: I know the one whom I have trusted.
    Sept 29, Lauds 3 / approx. introit for 9/29 or 10/2: Angels of the Lord, sing praise.
    Oct 1, Benedictus /communion: Unless you change your lives and become like little children.

    ...and so forth. They could come in handy sometimes.
    Blessings to all!
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