Missa Brevis (a 3) in Honorem BVM
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    Here is a Mass for Three Voices (Missa Brevis in Honorem BVM) that I've been working on. It is scored for ATB choir a cappella - score and midi attached. (My apologies to Wm. Byrd for the first few bars of the Gloria)

    As always, feedback welcome; and it is free to use. The Midi contains the whole Mass as one file. Also, the recording maintains the same tempo throughout, however, in real life the 3/2 section of the Sanctus (Pleni sunt) should be faster: semi-breve of Cut-time (more or less) = dotted semi-breve of 3/2
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    I don't like the Kyrie much (see Andre Gedalge, "Treatise on the Fugue" for why), but the rest looks very good. While I can't believe you intended the notation you used in the Sanctus (the lines implying a portamento or glissando -- perhaps they are just bad slurs?), the effect would be quite interesting, I think.

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    I think the notation in the Sanctus is that of a transcription of a cantus firmus from early notation.

    Nice work, Henry.
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    Do you have sound files. I would like to hear this.
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Francis, the second file above is a MIDI - that's the only thing I have.

    Chuck got it - the alto part of the first section of the Sanctus is based on the intonation of Mass IX. I wanted to maintain the ligatures of the CF, but I haven't figured out how to do the square brackets that most editions use. If you do sing this with portamenti or glisandi, make sure that you use plenty of vibrato as well.
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Here is an updated version. The Kyrie has been altered in a few places, the other movements have not.

    PDF score and MIDI sequence.
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  • SalieriSalieri
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    I have been fiddling around in the new MuseScore (V.3) with some of the new features for early music engraving; and reworked the score for this Mass. A PDF score and a sound file are attached.