So... Holy Week... What's going on?
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    Whatcha singing/playing?
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    Holy Thursday:

    Holy, Holy, Holy
    The Servant Song
    Ubi Caritas
    Pange Lingua
    Tantum Ergo

    Good Friday:

    O Sacred Head Surrounded; Jesus Remember Me
    On Eagles Wings

    Easter Vigil:

    Hymns only

    Offertory: Ye Sons and Daughters
    Communion: I Received the Living God
    Recessional: Alleluia! Alleluia!

    Easter Sunday:

    Come Ye Faithful Raise the Strain
    Victimae Paschali Laudes
    Be Thou My Vision
    The Day of Resurrection
    The Strife is O'er (as choral anthem)
    Jesus Is Risen
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    Holy Thurs:
    Entrance Antiphon: Glory in the Cross - LCM
    Entrance Hymn: Glory in the Cross - OCP
    Washing of the Feet: Hay Gran Amor - OCP
    Offertory: Ubi Caritas - Chant
    Offertory: Ubi Caritas - Hurd
    Communion Antiphon: This is the Body - LCM
    Communion Hymn: Este es Mi Cuerpo - OCP
    Recessional: Pange Lingua Gloriosa

    Good Friday:
    Adoramus te Christe - Dubois
    O My People - Lunday
    Jesus Remember Me
    Save Your People - Jim Farrell
    O Sacred Head Surrounded

    Easter Vigil:
    7 Readings alternated Eng / Spanish - OCP
    Gregorian Alleluia w/ verses - LCM
    Baptism: The Lord Will Bless Us with Peace - Whitaker (refrain only after each baptism)
    Confirmation: Veni Sancte Spiritus - Landry (refrain repeated constantly and very quietly until all are confirmed).
    Offertory: At the Lamb's High Feast
    Communion Antiphon: Christ Our Passover - LCM
    Communion Hymn: Pan de Vida - OCP
    Communion Meditation: Worthy is the Lamb - Manalo
    Recessional: Jesus Christ is Risen Today
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    For Communio's, we use the Richard Rice Choral Communio's, the new edition.
    Ordinary setting, we defer to the "parish" endorsed current setting:
    SEP's are chanted as needed at other Masses with other ensembles.
    Appropriate hymns are also used at processionals.
    Pange lingua/chant & Manalo are used on HT.
    Sequence is sung on Easter, various settings at various Masses.
    Passion Lessons on Passion Sunday/Good Friday are chanted from the GIA 'red' editions.

    Here's the choral lineup:

    Choral Prelude: HOSANNA TO THE SON OF DAVID (M. Franck)
    Offertory: GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD/Stainer/Choral Anthology p.163
    Post-Communion: TANTUM ERGO ( de Severac )

    Mandatum: THE WISDOM OF GOD (Heath Morber)
    Offertory: HE WEPT AT GETHSEMANE (Schram)**
    Post-Communion: AVE VERUM CORPUS (Bryd/CA pg. 89)

    Veneration of the Cross: IMPROPERIA: Popule meus (Palestrina)
    CRUX FIDELIX (Anerio)
    O CRUX AVE (Palestrina)

    Responsorial 3rd reading: SICUT CERVUS (Palestrina)

    ALLELUIA AL VANGELO (Gabrieli/Cap14)

    **Yes, we normally sing "Ubi caritas," but we're giving it a rest this year.

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    If you really must know: LOL

    Entrance: All Glory, Laud, and Honor
    Latin chant Ordinary
    Psalm: by Richard Proulx
    Offertory: The Holy City - pastor's favorite done every year
    Communion Chant - Rice
    Recessional: Crown Him with Many Crowns

    Entrance: At That First Eucharist
    Trumpet fanfares then ICEL chant Gloria
    Psalm by Weckler from WLP
    Washing of Feet: Where Charity and Love Prevail and What Wondrous Love Is This
    Offertory: Panis Angelicus by Franck
    Sanctus and rest of Ordinary - Latin chant
    Communion: Jesus Took the Cup by Hopson
    Hymn: Hear Us Almighty Lord
    Pange Lingua

    Psalm by Howard Hughes from WLP
    Adoration of the Cross - Reproaches in English, Tonus Peregrinus from Worship II
    Offertory: God So Loved the World by Stainer
    Communion: Were You There and O Sacred Head Surrounded

    Too many psalms from WLP settings and Ritual Song
    Trumpet fanfares to ICEL Gloria with tower and altar bells throughout
    Blessing of Water and Sprinkling: Springs of Water by Hay, and I Saw Water Flowing by ICEL
    Offertory: Sovereign Lord, Creator Righteous One (Thaxted)
    ICEL chant Ordinary
    Communion antiphon by Rice
    Communion Hymn: Alleluia! The Strife Is O'er
    Recessional: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
    Postlude: Festive Trumpet Tune by David German

    4 more masses on Sunday with lots of recycled music from the night before, then complete exhaustion.
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  • Kathy
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    Bishop Sis of San Angelo, TX, tweeted:

    Please pray for our clergy and all who are planning the liturgies of Holy Week, that God may give them energy, inspiration, and peace.

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    I'm singing with the choir of St. Michael's Russian Catholic Church in NYC this year for the Great and Holy Week Services for the first time. Wednesday Anointing, Thursday Liturgy, Friday Vespers, Saturday Morning Vesperal-Liturgy, Matins/Liturgy of Easter starting at 11:30 PM on Saturday night.

    Sunday afternoon at 2:30 I'll probably be singing 1962 Vespers at Holy Innocents
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    Bishop Sis of San Angelo, TX, tweeted:

    Please pray for our clergy and all who are planning the liturgies of Holy Week, that God may give them energy, inspiration, and peace.

    As a Sourthern Baptist might say: Amen. Hallelujah. Amen.
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    Palm Sunday
    Hosanna Filio David, Mode VII
    The Children of the Hebrews, Mode I (Bartlett LCM)
    All Glory, Laud, and Honor
    Esguerra Psalm
    Bartlett Acclamation, Mode II
    Offertory Chant (Bartlett LCM)
    O Sacred Head Surrounded
    Sanctus et Agnus Dei XVIII
    Communion Chant (Bartlett LCM)
    Adoramus Te Christe, Rosselli
    Ave Regina Caelorum
    When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

    Holy Thursday (Bilingual)
    Nos Autem, Mode IV
    Kyrie et Gloria, Missa Octavi Toni, Lasso
    Fr. Keyes Psalm
    Bartlett Acclamation, Mode II
    Mandatum Novum, Mode III
    Ubi Caritas, Durufle and Chant
    Sanctus et Agnus Dei XVIII
    Hoc Corpus, Mode VIII
    Ave Verum, Byrd
    Verily, Verily, Tallis
    Pange Lingua, Mode III
    Tantum Ergo, Allen

    Good Friday (Televised)
    Esguerra Psalm
    Bartlett Acclamation, Mode II
    Reproaches, P. Ford
    Hoc Corpus, Mode VIII
    Were You There
    Motets by Purcell, Viadana, Palestrina, Dubois, Brace, Victoria, Byrd as necessary during the Adoration of the Cross and Communion. Due to television time-issues, some of the congregation will adore the cross after the service, and the remainder of the motets will be sung at that time.

    Easter Vigil (Bilingual)
    Psalms by Bartlett (English and Spanish), Fr. Weber, Esguerra
    Gloria VIII
    Graduale Simplex Alleluia
    Vidi Aquam, Gruber
    Offertory Chant, Rice
    Maria Magdalene, Gabrieli
    Sanctus et Agnus Dei VIII
    Mode VI Alleluia Communion
    Regina Caeli, Aichinger
    Ave Verum, Mawby
    Jesus Christ is Risen Today (Spanish/English)
    Allegro, Symphony 6

    Easter Day (Televised and Solemn indoors)
    Allegro, Symphony 6
    The Strife is O'er
    Resurrexi, Mode IV
    Kyrie VIII
    Gloria VIII
    Esguerra Psalm
    Sequence, Mode I
    Alleluia, Mode VIII
    Christ the Lord is Risen Today
    Maria Magdalene, Gabrieli
    Sanctus et Agnus Dei VIII
    Mode VI Alleluia w/Pascha nostrum, Mode VI
    Regina Caeli, Aichinger
    Ave Verum, Mawby
    Jesus Christ is Risen Today
    Improv. Mode I

    Easter Sunday outdoor overflow Masses
    Propers (Bartlett, LCM)
    Mass VIII
    Regina Caeli, Mode VI
    The Strife is O'er
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    Let's see...Oost Zinner, Rice, Bartlett, Esguerra, Weber, Allen.
    Hmmm, no Kwasniewski, no Melofluent, no Koerber, no Giffen, no Clark, no Ostrowski...
    Where's the revolution, again?
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    I don't think we're using anything by Oost-Zinner this week, but we do with some frequency.
  • Palm Sunday 10:30
    Franck Grand Piece Symphonique (Andante serioso, Allegro non troppo e maestoso)
    J. S. Bach Christus, der uns selig macht
    Hosanna filio David
    Pater si non potest VIII
    Cornysh Woefully Arrayed (complete)
    St. Theodulph
    Herzlich tut migh verlangen

    Chrism Mass
    J. S. Bach Prelude and Fugue in C, BWV 547
    Facies unctionis II
    O redemptor
    Dilexisti justitiam IV
    Webster Ecce sacerdos magnus
    Nestor I Sing of God the Mighty Source
    Briggs I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
    Mit Freuden zart

    Holy Thursday
    Messiaen Le Banquet celeste
    Palestrina Nos autem gloriari
    Briggs Ubi caritas
    Lassus Tristis est anima mea
    Byrd Agnus from Mass for Five Voices
    Byrd Ave verum corpus
    Jesu dulcis memoria
    Adoro te devote
    Tantum ergo

    Good Friday
    Vaughan Williams O vos omnes
    Victoria Passion According to John
    Bruckner Christus factus est
    Nestor Saw ye My Savior

    Tallis Lamentations of Jeremiah (complete)
    Lassus Tenebrae factae sunt
    Lassus Eram quasi Agnus
    Victoria Nunc dimittis
    Allegri Miserere
    Pange lingua
    Herzliebster Jesu
    J. S. Bach Sarabande from Suite No. 4 in E-flat, BWV 1010

    Easter Vigil
    Dirksen Christ Our Passover
    Hancock/Noyon Christus vincit
    Psalm settings by Bower, Guimont, Isele, Meuller, Westendorf, Wisniewski
    Easter Hymn, Lasst uns erfreuen (Webster)
    Vierne Final from Symphonie No. 6

    Easter Morning 10:30
    Demessieux O filii et filiae
    Howells Sarabande for the Morning of Easter
    Widor Final from Symphonie No. 6
    Easter Hymn, Lasst uns erfreuen, Ellacombe (Webster)
    Dirksen Christ Our Passover
    Victoria Victimae paschali laudes
    Hancock/Noyon Christus vincit
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  • G
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    Dont know, maybe a Byzantine parish for Thursday.
    I will be reading on Good Friday. I imagine we will sing Were You There? and God Bless America.
    Probably piano accompaniment because organ is discouaged at that time, right?
    Looking for a Vigil, or as a last resort, Jamesons or Tullamore for Saturday.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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    Geri, Christ left the desert, so must you do. Pack up himself and join MJM's revolution.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Or go to the Cathedral of Columbus. See the wonderful repertoire list posted by Dr. Thornock above.
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  • Jani
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    If I may ask: my pastor requested Tantum Ergo for Holy Thursday procession, followed by Pange Lingua. Isn't that backwards, and does it matter, really?
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  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    It is one hymn. Tantum begins verse 4.

    (Your pastor might be an idiot. Watch for other symptoms. )
  • It is one hymn. Tantum begins verse 4.


    Pedantry away!
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    I knew I was wrong. Couldn't check easily from phone.
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  • Jani
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    Well, I wouldn't call him an idiot. I did double-check with him yesterday, and I showed him in Today's Missal where the hymn is as you describe. The problem is, we've done things backasswards so many times at the behest of a multitude of short-term pastors that my learning curve is huuuuuggggge!

    Thanks - and I guess we do it his way.
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  • G
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    Or go to the Cathedral of Columbus. See the wonderful repertoire list posted by Dr. Thornock above.

    Huh? If that was to me, 1068.34 miles each way is a bit much, what with the price of gas and all....
    (My own cathedral is where the chalice was once proffered to me with the words, "The Blood of Christ and merry Christmas!" so that's not really an option either.)

    Save the Liturgy, Save the World!
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    I think G and H moved to Florida a while ago.
  • BruceL
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    Yeah, I think I'm going to take the week off and go to Columbus! :)
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    If I may ask: my pastor requested Tantum Ergo for Holy Thursday procession, followed by Pange Lingua. Isn't that backwards, and does it matter, really?

    Well, here's the thing. The verses Tantum Ergo and Genitori are traditionally (historically) sung kneeling (other hymns have kneeling verses: the first verse of both Ave Maris Stella and Veni Creator, the "O Crux Ave" verse of Vexilla Regis). So in a procession one would omit them until you reach the end when you can kneel down. This was the rubric in the 1962 Holy Week rite (from the 1962 Graduale):
    Dum fit processio Sacramenti, cantatur hymnus Pange, lingua ut infra, usque ad verba Tantum ergo; si vero opus sit, idem hymnas repetitur inde a Nobis datus.

    Cum autem ventum fuerit ad locum paratum cantatur Tantum ergo et Genitori.

    Basically saying that you sing the hymn from Pange through just before Tantum ergo, repeating back to the 2nd verse Nobis datus, as needed until you get "to the place made ready" for the Blessed Sacrament whereupon you sing the last two verses.

    The current rubrics are similar... (my emphasis) and put the two last verses of Pange Lingua only when you arrive at the place of reposition (apologies that I don't have the English handy)

    37. Oratione post Communionem dicta, sacerdos stans imponit et benedicit incensum in thuribulo et genuflexus ter incensat Ss.mum Sacramentum. Deinde, assumpto velo umerali albi coloris, surgit et accipit pyxidem et eam extremitatibus veli cooperit.

    38. Instruitur processio, qua defertur Ss.mum Sacramentum cum intorticiis et incenso per ecclesiam ad locum repositionis, paratum in aliqua ecclesiae parte vel in aliquo sacello convenienter ornato. Praecedit minister laicus cum cruce medius inter alios duos cum cereis accensis. Sequuntur alii candelas accensas gestantes. Ante sacerdotem deferentem Ss.mum Sacramentum, procedit thuriferarius cum thuribulo fumigante. Interim cantatur hymnus Pange, lingua (exclusis duabus ultimis strophis), vel alius cantus eucharisticus.

    39. Cum processio pervenerit ad locum repositionis, sacerdos, adiuvante, si opus sit, diacono, deponit pyxidem in tabernaculo, cuius porta aperta manet. Deinde, thure imposito, genuflexus Ss.mum Sacramentum incensat, dum cantatur Tantum ergo sacraméntum vel alius cantus eucharisticus. Deinde diaconus vel ipse sacerdos Sacramentum in tabernaculo reponit et portam claudit.

    40. Post aliquod tempus adorationis in silentio, sacerdos et ministri, facta genuflexione, revertuntur in sacristiam.
    That "exclusis duabus ultimis strophis" is Tantum Ergo and Genitori. So the tradition and the current rubrics are not to sing Tantum Ergo in the procession at all, but after the procession when you arrive at the place of reposition.
  • CharlesW
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    I want to go to Columbus, too. I didn't know what kind of organ they had, but now I want to go hear it.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    It is a magical organ.
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  • PaixGioiaAmorPaixGioiaAmor
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    Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion
    Fanfare for Palm Sunday, R. Proulx
    Christus Factus Est, Anerio
    Pater si non Potest, chant
    O Bone Jesu, Ingegneri

    Holy Thursday
    Nos Autem, chant
    Ubi Caritas, Durufle
    Ave Verum Corpus, G. Prenner

    Good Friday
    Miserere Mei, di Lasso
    Crucem Tuam, chant
    Christus Factus Est, Anerio
    Tu Solus, Josquin

    Easter Vigil
    Sicut Cervus, Palestrina
    Christ the Lord Is Risen Again, Stopford
    Alleluia! Surrexit, Anerio

    Easter Sunday
    Fantasy on "Christ the Lord Is Risen Again," Peeters
    Victimae Paschali Laudes, chant
    Sicut Cervus, Palestrina
    Christ the Lord Is Risen Again, Stopford
    Alleluia! Surrexit, Anerio
    Incantation Pour un Jour Saint, J. Langlais
  • CGM
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    Music for Holy Week 2014, Basilica of St. John the Evangelist, Stamford CT

    ❖ Palm Sunday, 10am
    Opening Hymn: All Glory, Laud, and Honor
    Introit Antiphon (at the incensing): Hosanna to the Son of David, Mueller [SSATB]
    Responsorial Psalm: Mueller [SATB]
    Gospel Acclamation: Mueller [SATB]
    Offertory antiphon: Improperium
    Offertory motet: Jesu Nazarene/Vexilla Regis, Festa [SATTB]
    Sanctus: Missa “Iste confessor”, Palestrina [SATB, ABB for Benedictus]
    Mysterium fidei: Latin or English, as needed
    Agnus Dei: Missa “Iste confessor”, Palestrina [SATB, SATBB for final Agnus]
    Communion antiphon: Pater, si non potest
    Communion motet: My God, my God, look upon me, Blow [SATB]
    Closing Hymn: The Royal Banners Forward Go

    ❖ Spy Wednesday, 8pm (Tenebrae for Holy Thursday) [no organ]
    Invitatory: Psalm 95, Mueller [SATBdiv]
    Hymn: O Sacred Head Surrounded, Bach [SATB]
    Psalm 44 (I) (chanted in alternatim)
    Psalm 44 (II)
    Psalm 44 (III)
    Versicle / two readings & responsories
    Lamentation I: Mozarabic, men [English]
    Responsory: In Monte Oliveti, Gesualdo [SSATTB]
    Lamentation II: Gregorian, women [English]
    Responsory: Tristis est anima, Gesualdo [SSATTB]
    Lamentation III: Mozarabic, men [English]
    Responsory: Ecce vidimus, Gesualdo [SSATTB]
    Psalm 80
    Canticle of Isaiah (12:1-6)
    Psalm 81
    reading & responsory
    Canticle of Zechariah
    Intercessions: Kyrie eleison
    Our Father: chant [English]
    strepitus & dismissal

    ❖ Holy Thursday, 8pm [no organ]
    Introit Antiphon: Nos autem, Mueller [SATB]
    Kyrie: Mass for Four Voices, Byrd [SATB]
    Gloria: Mass for Four Voices, Byrd [SATB]
    Responsorial Psalm: Mueller [SATB]
    Gospel Acclamation: Mueller [SATB]
    Antiphons at the Washing of the Feet:
    - Mandatum, Lawrence [SATB];
    - A new commandment, Tallis [SATB];
    - This is my commandment, Tallis [SATB]
    Offertory: Ubi caritas, Mueller [SMezATBarB]
    Sanctus: Mass for Four Voices, Byrd [SATB]
    Mysterium fidei: Latin or English, as needed
    Agnus Dei: Mass for Four Voices, Byrd [SATB]
    Communion antiphon: Hoc corpus
    Communion motet: Ave salus mundi, Gombert [SACtTBarB]
    Hymn during the procession: Pange lingua (first four verses, repeated as needed)
    Choral benediction: Tantum ergo, Victoria [SATB]
    At the stripping of the altar: Psalm 22, English [men/women in alternatim]

    ❖ Good Friday, 3pm [no organ]
    all enter in silence.
    Responsorial Psalm: Mueller [SATB]
    Gospel Acclamation: Mueller [SATB] (same as Palm Sunday)
    Good Friday Passion: sung (Fr. Weber's English setting, with SATB turba responses by Victoria)
    Solemn Intercessions: spoken (not sung)
    Veneration of the Cross: no music; only the ministers on the altar will venerate
    Hymn at the Procession with the Blessed Sacrament: Vexilla Regis
    Communion Responsory: Immolabit hædum
    Communion Motets:
    - Ave verum Corpus, Deering [SATTB];
    - O suavitis et dulcedo, Monte [SSAATTBB]

    ❖ Easter Vigil, 8pm
    English responsories following the seven readings: Mueller [SATBdiv.]
    Gloria: Missa brevis in G Major, Mozart [SATB+organ]
    Alleluia: Triple Alleluia
    At the sprinkling: Vidi aquam, Lambeth choirbook [SATTB]
    Offertory antiphon: Dextera Domini
    Offertory motet: Maria Magdalene [prima pars], Clemens non Papa [SSATB]
    Sanctus: Missa brevis in G Major, Mozart [SATB+organ]
    Mysterium fidei: Latin or English, as needed
    Agnus Dei: Missa brevis in G Major, Mozart [SATB+organ]
    Communion antiphon: Pascha nostrum
    Communion antiphon: Threefold Alleluia, with verses from Psalm 117
    Communion motets:
    - Etenim pascha nostrum, Palestrina [SATB.SATB];
    - Maria Magdalene [secunda pars], Clemens non Papa [SSATB]
    Closing hymn: The strife is o’er (w/ Mueller)

    ❖ Easter Sunday, 10am
    Introit Antiphon: Resurrexi, Isaac [SATB]
    Kyrie: Missa brevis in G Major, Mozart [SATB+organ]
    Gloria: Missa brevis in G Major, Mozart [SATB+organ]
    Responsorial Psalm: Mueller [SATB]
    Sequence:  Victimæ paschali laudes, Mueller [SMezATBarB]
    Alleluia: Bartlett/Mueller [SATB]
    At the sprinkling: Vidi aquam, Lambeth choirbook [SATTB]
    no Credo
    Offertory antiphon: Terra tremuit
    Offertory motet: Ego sum qui sum [secunda pars], Gombert [SATTBarB]
    Sanctus:  Missa brevis in G Major, Mozart [SATB+organ]
    Mysterium fidei: Latin or English, as needed
    Agnus Dei:  Missa brevis in G Major, Mozart [SATB+organ]
    Communion antiphon: Pascha nostrum
    Communion motets:
    - Etenim pascha nostrum, Palestrina [SATB.SATB];
    - Regina cæli, Croce [SATB.SATB]
    Closing hymn: Jesus Christ is ris’n today (w/ Buxton descant)

    Thanked by 1M. Jackson Osborn
  • JahazaJahaza
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    It is a magical organ.

    Saws women in half! Pulls rabbits out of hats!
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  • BruceL
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    Love that set of Gesualdo motets on Wednesday. Old Carlo was a real mess!
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Holy Week 2014: Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish
    Turners Falls, MA
    St. Cecilia Choir
    * = a cappella

    PALM SUNDAY: 10:30 am

    Sung Prelude: The Palms - Jean-Baptiste Faure
    Opening Antiphon: Hosanna to the Son of David - Roman Missal *
    Hymn: All Glory, Laud and Honor (St. Theodulph)
    (Psalm: In directum *)
    Gradual: Christus factus est - Grad. Rom. *
    Offertory: Insult has broken my heart - Psalm-tone *
    ---Hymn: Ludu, moj ludu
    Sanctus: Mass XVIII *
    Acclamation: Roman Missal, form C *
    Agnus: Mass XVIII *
    Communion: Father, if this cup - Psalm-tone *
    ---Hymn: Juz Cie zegnam
    ---Hymn: O Sacred Head surrounded
    Recessional: Wisi na krzyzu

    HOLY THURSDAY: 7:00 pm

    Introit: God forbid that I should glory - Healey Willan
    Kyrie: Mass VIII (de Angelis)
    Gloria: Mass VIII (de Angelis)
    (Psalm: Mode IV *)
    Tract: From the rising of the sun - Psalm-tone *
    Offertory: Ubi caritas *
    Sanctus: Mass XVIII *
    Acclamation: Roman Missal, from C *
    Agnus: Mass XVIII *
    Communion: This is my body - Simple English Propers *
    ---Anthem: Dona nobis pacem *
    ---Hymn: Ach moj Jezu *
    ---Hymn: Godhead here in hiding *
    ---Motet: Panis Angelicus (attrb. Casciolini) *
    ---Hymn: Cierniami uwienczona *
    Procession: Badzze pozdrowiona *
    ---Tantum Ergo (Pange Lingua, mode III) *
    Stripping of Altar: Jezu Chryste panie mily *

    GOOD FRIDAY: 7:00 pm

    (Psalm: In directum *)
    Gradual: Christus factus est - Grad. Rom. *
    Veneration of the Cross I: Antiphon: Crucem tuam - Grad. Rom. *
    Veneration of the Cross II: Trisiagon: Sw. Bozy - Mszal Rzymski *
    Veneration of the Cross III: Hymn: Ludu, moj ludu - Mszal Rzymski *
    Distribution of Communion:
    ---Hymn: Sing my tongue *
    ---Anthem: When Jesus wept - William Billings *
    ---Hymn: Rozmyslajmy dzis *
    ---Hymn: At the Cross her station keeping *
    Recessional: Wisi na krzyzu *

    EASTER VIGIL: 8:00 pm

    Exultet: Roman Missal *
    Gloria: Mass VIII (de Angelis)
    Alleluia: Confitemini - Grad. Rom. *
    Litany of Ss - Roman Missal *
    Antiphon: Springs of water - Fr. Samuel Weber *
    Vidi Aquam: I saw water - adapt Fr. S. Weber *
    Offertory: The Right hand of the Lord - Lumen Christi *
    ---Hymn: Zwyciecza smierci
    Sanctus: Mass XVIII, with intonazione, Quartus Tonus - Gabrielli
    Acclamation: Missal, form C
    Amen: Mass of St. Therese - Calvert Shenk
    Agnus: Mass of St Teresa - Healey Willan
    Communion: Alleluia - adapt from W.A. Mozart *
    ---Anthem: The strife is o'er - Henry G. Ley
    ---Hymn: Wstal Pan Chrystus
    ---Hymn: Zlozcie troski
    Interlude: Sabbato Sancto, IV - L'Orgue Mystique - Charles Tournemire
    Recessional: Ye watchers and ye holy ones (LASST UNS ERFREUEN) - arr. George Oldroyd
    Postlude: Fanfare - Kenneth Leighton

    EASTER SUNDAY: 10:30 am

    Prelude: Offertoire pour le Jour de Paques "O filii et filiae" - Jean-Francois Dandrieu
    Introit: When I awake - Healey Willan
    Kyrie: Mass VIII
    Gloria: Mass VIII
    Gradual: This is the day - adapt. Fr. Columba Kelly *
    Sequence: Christians to the paschal victim - Lumen Christi
    ---Alleluia: Pascha nostrum - adapt. Richard Rice *
    Vidi aquam: I saw water - adapt Fr. Weber *
    Offertory: The earth feared - Psalm-tone
    ---Hymn: Christ the Lord is risen today (LLANFAIR), last verse - Noel Rawsthorne
    Sanctus: Mass XVIII, with Gabrielli Intonazione
    Acclamation: Rom. Missal, form C
    Amen: Mass of St. Therese - C. Shenk
    Agnus: Mass of St. Teresa - H. Willan
    Communion: Pascha nostrum - Grad. Rom.
    ---Anthem: The strife is o'er - Henry G. Ley
    ---Hymn: Zlocie troski
    ---Hymn: Zwyciesza Smierci
    Interlude: Dominica Resurrectionis, IV - L'Orgue Mystique - Charles Tournemire
    Recessional: Jesus Christ is ris'n today (EASTER HYMN); V2 - Noel Rawsthorne; V4 - David Willcocks
    Postlude: Processional - William Mathias
  • St Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton, AB, Canada.
    Thanked by 1PurpleSquirrel
  • Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Sioux Falls SD:

    Palm Sunday:
    Hosanna To the Son of David (procession to back of church)
    All Glory Laud and Honor (Entrance hymn)
    Sung gospel
    Offertory: Crucifixus (Bach) + SEP (incensation)
    Communion: SEP + O Vos Omnes (Casals)
    Recessional/postlude: Lamb of God most Holy (Christiansen)

    Holy Thursday:
    Prelude: Introduction from Via Crucis (Liszt - metrical arrangement of Vexilla Regis)
    Entrance Hymn: Lift High the Cross
    Washing of Feet: Antiphon 6 from Roman Missal + Psalm 119
    Offertory: Ubi Caritas chant + Ubi Caritas (Durufle)
    Communion: Graduale proper (Hoc corpus) + Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)
    Transfer - Pange Lingua

    Good Friday:
    Sung Gospel
    Reproaches (Victoria - english refrain), Were You There (That's right!)
    O Vos Omnes - Casals
    Adoramus Te - Palestrina
    Wondrous Love - arr. Christiansen

    Easter Sunday:
    Prelude - Prelude in Eb (St Anne - Bach)
    Jesus Christ is Risen Today, The Strife is O'er, At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing
    Communion - Alleluia (R. Thompson)
    Recessional - Christus Vincit (Hancock/Noyon)
    Postlude - Fugue in Eb (St Anne - Bach)
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
    Posts: 6,428
    I kinda like the idea of splitting a Bach Prelude and Fugue into the Prelude and Postlude of a service. Is that common?
    Thanked by 1M. Jackson Osborn
  • GavinGavin
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    I do it often.
  • CharlesW
    Posts: 11,835
    So do I. Frequently they are too long when played together.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
    Posts: 6,428
    I'm not an organist (as most of you know). One of the things I look forward to every week is being surprised by what my accompanists have selected. My previous organist knew I had a particular fondness for English Baroque, so he would frequently lean over at one point or another and whisper something like, "I think you'll like this one today!"
    My current accompanist is a bit more in tune with pulling things together with the other music and the "themes" of the readings. I frequently find he plays things based on tunes/hymns I that I almost picked for that Sunday but didn't make the final cut.
  • Jani
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    I'm not an organist !! Had no idea!

  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
    Posts: 6,428
    I'm not an organist !! Had no idea!

    I'm a music director and choral director (song-picker and arm-flapper).
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  • BruceL
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    For a second there, I thought y'all in Sioux Falls were doing verses of Were you there interspersed with the refrains of the Popule Meus! :)
  • I believe it was Saint-Saens who said (paraphrasing):

    Fugues are the best postludes. As the voices begin to enter, the people begin to leave. When all the voices are in, all the people are out!

    But yes, I often do this split of prelude and fugue.

  • dhalkjdhalkj
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    Often I think the preludes work better as the postludes and it's the fugue that works better before hand.
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  • dhalkj

    Yes, that's often the case from a musical perspective - that way the prelude is a slow build from the fugue, and the postlude you get a bigger immediate flourish.
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  • The Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception-Natchitoches, LA.

    Holy Thursday (only accompanied work is the Gloria)(Mass Setting-Missa Simplex)
    Gloria- ICEL
    Responsorial Psalm-Lumen Christi Simple Gradual
    Washing of Feet-Antiphons from Lumen Christi Simple Gradual
    Offertory-Ubi Caritas SEP
    Communion-SEP/Anima Christi
    Eucharistic Procession-Pange Lingua

    Good Friday (unaccompanied)
    Responsorial Psalm-Lumen Christi Simple Gradual
    Reproaches-Lalemant Propers/Sing My Tongue the Glorious Battle

    Holy Saturday
    Psalm after 1st Reading-LCG
    Gradual after 3rd Reading-Psalm Tone VIII
    Psalm after 6th Reading-LCG
    Gradual after 7th Reading-Psalm Tone VIII
    Gregorian Alleluia with verses
    Litany of the Saints-ICEL
    Renewal of Baptismal Promises-Vidi aquam
    Offertory-SEP/Jesus Christ is Risen Today
    Communion-SEP/At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing
  • Ally
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    I wanted to share that we are singing this setting of the Mandatum text by Luke Mayernik that I am very impressed with! I just about drove off the road when I heard it on an OCP sample CD a few years ago, and we have a strong enough choir (all volunteers) for all 8 parts this year.

    In other news, we are going a cappella Gloria to Gloria this year (not just on principle but because they can handle it!) We will sing chants from SEP, LCM, Fr. Columba Kelly and Fr. Weber (Reproaches), and polyphony from various sources new and old (Byrd, Victoria, Palestrina, but also a setting of the Anima Christi by Michael Burgo). I am pretty excited.
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  • ClergetKubiszClergetKubisz
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    It's been great seeing what you all are doing. Have a blessed Easter, everyone!
  • PaixGioiaAmorPaixGioiaAmor
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    Is everyone aware of the foot washing piece by Peter Latona?

    It premiered at the NPM convention last year to GREAT acclaim. This year, it is the Holy Thursday piece de jour in nearly every cathedral that posts a worship aid online.

    Beautiful piece. You can get it from GIA.
  • lmassery
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    St. Joseph in Strongsville, Oh
    Entrance Antiphon: Simple Choral Gradual
    Mass of St. Paul Gloria
    Psalm from Parish Book of Psalms - a capella
    Wisdom of God - H. Morber, Antiphons from SCG
    Ubi Caritas, Ola Gjeilo
    Take and Eat (hymn)
    Pange Lingua, Latin/English

    GF - with the "Praise Team"
    Behold the Wood, Schutte
    Your Only Son, Twila Paris
    O Sacred Head Surrounded
    Song of the Cross, Taylor
    Communion: My God My God, from Gather Hymnal

    Easter Vigil/Day
    Psalms from Chabael Site - A capella
    If Ye Love Me, SAB (GIA)
    Communion Antiphon by Andrew Motyka
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  • G
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    Ally, that is breath-taking, thank you for the link.
    I was surprised by the composer referring to it as a Troparion - is that the text used by Byzantine Catholics? I've only been to Diving Liturgy on Holy Thursday once, and the washing of the feet was not done.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
  • jpal
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    Lift High the Cross
    Missa Primitiva with ICEL Gloria
    Chabanel Psalm
    Ubi caritas chant
    Hoc corpus (Gregorian with English verses set by RR)
    Godhead Here in Hiding
    Pange lingua

    Chabanel Psalm
    Christus factus est (Gregorian, somewhat simplified by RR)
    Reproaches from The American Gradual
    Crux fidelis (this Trio, with Gregorian verses chanted)
    Psalm 51 in English set to a simple psalm tone
    O Sacred Head

    Priest singing the Exsultet this year (thank The Lord I don't have to do it)
    Some psalms from Chabanel, including this one arranged for four women's voices. Cantemus and Sicut cervus from the Gradual.
    Missa de Angelis
    THE Alleluia (Confitemini) from the Gradual
    At the Lamb's High Feast
    Pascha nostrum (Gradual)
    Ye Sons And Daughters
    This Joyful Eastertide (Charles Wood)
    Regina caeli
    Jesus Christ is Risen Today
  • kevinfkevinf
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    My memorable Holy Thursday moment: My girls intoned the Ubi Caritas chant before the adults sang the Durufle. After the mass, one of the girls asked if they might sing the Durufle next year with the adults. Yeah, things are changing.........