Summer Chant Intensive 2014 Open for Registration
  • Just wanted to put the word out... you can register for Summer Chant Intensive 2014 if you like. It is to be at Duquesne University (Pittsburgh) June 9-12, 2014. The instructors will be David Hughes and Arlene Oost-Zinner.

    I know that the Chant Intensive course I took back in 2008 with Scott Turkington really helped me on my way to feeling confident about singing chant and beginning to direct my own chant choir.

    Link to the page:

    Please email if you have questions to
  • Janet, thanks for doing so much work for the intensive!

    I second your recommendation. When I attended the chant intensive in '09, I felt it was a week very well spent. Two weeks later I started a new job where the pastor wanted to implement (slowly) the Gregorian propers, and I really appreciated the chant immersion!!
  • How valuable would this be for one who already knows the basics of chironomy and interpretation and conducts and sings chant each week? Is this mainly for beginners with no background?