Joseph Willcox Jenkins passes

    I remember him at the reading session at the last Colloquium at Duquesne. He was a bit stressy, and as a composer and singer I had comprehension issues with his accidental notation choices, but there was a real musicality there. It's a pity that so many of his compositions for the English Mass got lost in the shuffle between Vatican 2 and the implementation of the Missal of Paul VI.
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    I had quite a different experience then, JQ, as I found him almost surprised and gratified of the reception of his works, particularly "Of the Father's Love Begotten." It was astonishing when he mentioned to me that motives in his setting were totally uniformed by "Divinum.." We performed it that Christmas year and its beauty was so self-evident; from a humble and gifted soul. RIP, professor.
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    Requiescat in pace.