SATB harmonisation of simple psalm tones
  • In order to offer choirs a more challenging and motivating way to sing the psalm verses from my Klein Graduale, I would like to add a SATB harmonisation of each of the following psalm tones:

    I'm not able to do this myself. Who would like to offer some help?
  • I might be able to help after Epiphany.
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    I've been thinking about this since I saw it yesterday, even contemplating tackling sucha project. My only reservation is whether a single harmonization per tone will always suffice, especially with regard to the termination formulae.
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  • Take a look at Theodore Marier's psalter in the choir edition of Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Canticles. The first half of the verse is sung in unison (soprano) and the second half in four parts. It's wonderfully effective.
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    Do you have harmonies composed? I can notate them quickly. Or, I can compose some after completion of the SEP book.
  • Many thanks, Aristotle and Charles. After Epiphany would be fine. The Klein Graduale will only appear in print in Spring 2014.

    One of the complexities will be that the harmonisation of some psalm tones should also allow for omitting the final note of the mediant cadence in case a half verse ends with an oxytone (which occurs quite often in Dutch).

    On another note: today Pope Francis was presented a CD which includes four recordings of antiphons taken from the Klein Graduale!

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  • Ryan, I have no harmonies composed. It's one of the things I can't, unfortunately. I also appreciate your help with this.
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    Super cool re: pope Francis.

    Congrats to you (and him)
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