Using Graduale Simplex ad libitum Communions seasonally
  • (Post inspired by JPike1028's inquiry into seasonal Lenten communions.)

    The Graduale Simplex* recommends the following ad libitum Communions (pp. 454–462):

    Alleluia/Ps 33(34) (p. 454);
    Gustate/Ps 33(34) (p. 460);
    Sanctum nomen Domini/Magnificat (p. 338);
    Ego sum…(alleluia)/Ps 22(23) (p. 207);
    Ubi caritas (p. 133).

    Some seem to be better suited for particular seasons:

    — Advent/Christmas Time: Sanctum nomen Domini, Ego sum panis
    — Lent/Holy Week: Gustate especially with verses 1–2 and 8–21, Ubi caritas
    — Easter Time: Alleluia, Ubi caritas; Ego sum for 4th Sunday of Easter, unless there is an aversion to using Psalm 22(23) at multiple points of this Mass

    Here are some SATB English settings of four of the above. Charles Thatcher's collection of Simplex communions (available from WLP) includes all of the above as well.

    *large PDF
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