Communios that Have a Parable Text
  • Over the last several years, I recall being struck by the story-telling quality of several communion chants that have a text based on a parable of Christ. I was wondering if I could organize my thoughts on this, but as of now, I can't really recall my experience or which chants I was thinking about. So I ask this forum in hopes that someone who is a master of all these things could quickly name a few communion chants that use parables.
  • An initial scan through Communio reveals these three:

    • Beátus servus (the watchful servant);
    • Quinque prudéntes vírgines (the wise and foolish virgins);
    • Símile est regnum caelórum (the pearl of great price)

    The Gospel narratives are used as antiphons more frequently, as are the psalms.
  • Excellent.

    Richard Rice adds:
    Amen dico...quod uni ex
    Domine quinque
    Oportet te
  • I just compared Simile Est from 1871 and 1908. I've never seen a better example of what the restoration achieved!

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    If no one else will point it out, I'll take on the obnoxious task: "Kingdom" of heaven.
  • oh I fixed it before you told me to! ha!
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    I just sang through both a bit, I find this extremely interesting. It's like two completely different interpretations of the same text. I'd be very interested to see more comparisons of the editions.
  • I agree. It would be great to see more. Piecing this together took about 20 mins with all the online stuff available. So great to have these resources around for everyone, stuff that used to be available only to collectors and extremo-scholars of chant.