"When Sheep Attack" Anyone have a summary document?
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    Apropos to BK's thread, has anyone prepared a book review, summary or even a powerpoint presentation of all the salient points of this book, WHEN SHEEP ATTACK? Hearing from you by Friday would be lovely.
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  • I've always wanted to read that book. I'm interested in the summary as well.
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    I have the book, but I could benefit by a summary I could then distill to a PowerPoint pres.
  • I've got a note off to the author...who lives in California...
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    Thanks, Noel
    Read your Amazon review, great help. Another blog site , Telling Secrets, has a real deep analysis I will cite.
  • Has anyone read the other books by the same author, Preventing A Sheep Attack and Healing For Pastors & People After A Sheep Attack? Are they also worth reading?
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    I did create PPT overview for general (lay) consideration.
    Let me know privately, via messaging on this forum if you're interested in reviewing it.
    I'm showing it to our PPC/Strategic Planning people in the morning. Prayers invited.

  • Prayers being sent your direction, melo.
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    What was subsequently sent to me this afternoon was an email from the perpetrator of the turmoil in our parish in which evidence of the ability to hack into private email traffic has been breached yet again, which of course is a criminal action in all jurisdictions and shall not escape the notice of all pertinent authorities. To the perpetrator: I am neither cowed nor bowed by your continuing assaults on the integrity of the Church. I have suffered no meltdown, as you pathetically mimic in your communique, and I will push for your evil to be seen by the light of Christ, and by any/all civil and ecclesial authorities.
    And I will continue to pray for the eternal soul of you and yours.
  • Sounds like a fitting response, Melo.

    Friends, pray for this hard working and loving servant of our Lord, our dear Melo.
    I'll be offering up my reception of Communion for Melo and his wonderful wife tomorrow, and invite others to do so, too.
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    Wow! How strange. Hopefully, this is only strange and not dangerous.