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    Good evening everyone. Our Parish Priest has given us permission to photocopy and print the Jubilate Deo booklets for our Church. Thanks to St. Cecilia Schola, there is a copy online freely available. However, I am wondering if anyone knows of a pdf copy that has a decent english translation either directly under the latin text or on the page? One of the blocks to Gregorian Chant taking a more prominent place in our Parish, I think, is the lack of understanding of the text by most people.

    I am planning on pasting some of the chants from the pdf Chants of the Church into a Microsoft publisher file and then adding a pronunciation guide with an/the introduction. If this has been done before, please direct me to it, if you are able. If not and you are interested in the finished pdf file... then I will be glad to send you whatever we are able to put together. Also, if you have a good suggested pronunciation guide and/or introduction, I am very happy for your input, for a good finished result. Thank you very much!
  • Well, I'm the one note samba: get a PBC. It has all you need.
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    As soon as our schola has more money, I think that is a good next step. I don't think our Priest would allow it at this point. It was difficult to get the Liturgy committee and Father to accept this little photocopy booklet. However, I have listened to your description of the PBC and the price is so great! It would be so wonderful.... any other suggestions? (I hope the PBC...down the road...)
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    Yes... I am going to grab things from there. Thank you, Jeffrey!
  • I am trying to find copies of, or permission to copy, a vintage 1970s Jubilate Deo which I have and which is printed in Gregorian notation. I am not getting answers from the Daughter's of St Paul, who published it. GIA is of no help because their current version is in modern stemless notes, which I will not use for singing or teaching Gregorian chant to young or old. Square notation is, if fact, not at all difficult to learn, and, I have often been told (even by persons who 'don't read music') that Gregorian notation is easier to learn and sing with than modern notation - and they usually find it an enjoyable challenge, something special, even. There is no genuine reason to avoid it, and, by doing so, lose the nuance and musicianship which inhere in Gregorian Notation. But, I have digressed. Does anyone know where I can get editions of this little book of chant which Paul VI. desired that all the faithful should know? Or permission to copy it. This is so disappointing: even many of our most scholarly tomes (Hiley, for one!) give us the little round notes, and Catholic hymnals routinely print chant in cheap looking strings of eighth notes. None of these can pretend, even, to communicate the spirit of the chant as do neums.
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    An abridged version of Jubilate Deo was issued by Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. No date is indicated. The notation is traditional four-line staff with square notes.


    Mass Chants
    Pater Noster
    Agnus Dei

    Most Blessed Sacrament
    O Salutaris
    Tantum Ergo
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    M. Jackson:

    Is this what you're looking for? http://www.ceciliaschola.org/notes/jubilatedeo.html
  • Gavin - yes, thank you. This is easier than taking mine apart and stapling it back together, which I was about to do. I assume, then, that this is public domain?
  • Yes, long ago public domain. The Vatican saw fit to make it public domain when it issued it -- wise! Bring back that wisdom!
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    Ancilla - Here is the version of Jubilate Deo our Schola uses. It fits an 8.5x11 binder nicely and has fewer page turns for the choir. [Corrrected original file on 29 Oct. Can't seem to detach the old one, so 1dot03 is the one to use.]
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    thnx... going to start teaching this to my 12 person schola as our first rehearsal is this thursday.
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    If you have beginners, in your schola our new chant course may be useful. It takes them through the basics and guides them through 10 chants from Jubilate Deo.

  • Looks interesting but $92? Curse on the exchange rate.
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    thnx, jeremy for the offer, but i am giving them mp3 cd's of public domain chant examples.
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    Where can one find "public domain chant examples" in mp3 form?
  • Do not hesitate to ask members to buy their own PBC books....
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    I am looking for any mp3 recordings on the internet of any of the chants in the PBC and/or Jubilate Deo. Otherwise I am just recording them myself.


    I am planning on buying PBC for all the members of the schola and eventually for the pews!
  • Francis,

    What a wonderful goal. Do you already have or is Jeffrey supplying you with your official bowtie?
  • Speaking of chant sources, has anyone noticed that the price of the Marier Gregorian Chant Masterclass has jumped $9 in price? Both Regina Laudis and GIA sell it now for $38.
  • RL never offered much in the way of resale price spreads, which is a major reason that it took so long to find a retail market. It's possible that GIA just used a regular pricing/markup system, and then the nuns saw the new price and raised theirs.

    pure speculation on my part.
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    Dear Priostf,

    An overdue thank you for posting that pdf file of Jubilate Deo! I am still weighing options for our publication of choice. Your pdf file looks very nicely spaced.
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    You're more than welcome, Ancilla. Actually here's an update to the file. I fixed a problem with the Te Rogamus.