The Catholic Choirbook Anthology 1 once again on sale - 2013
  • We are pleased to be able to once again offer the paperbound book at almost half-off - normally $29.95 now $15.95.

    No limits and affordable overseas shipping is available - just ask.

    Here's the link.

    Frogman Noel - noel jones -
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  • This is a historic appears the link that I posted worked the first time! What a relief.
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    Ok that's funny. I thought that I was the only one to be amazed when I did something computer-ish that worked on the first try. :)

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  • And, for those who want to know more about the choir book and also download the free Training Guide for Choirs (which gets you all started singing in Latin) click here.

    If, however, you are not ready to sing in Latin, then begin in the back of the book and sing some hymns instead, especially Soul of My Savior, Jesus, Son of Mary and O Lord, I am not Worthy. People's heads may/will turn to hear these lovely old hymns of the church and people will gain appreciation for the fact that you are leading them back into music of the church about the church and not about You and Me and my guitar.

    [it's impressive to do a youtube search and the first video that pops up is from an esteemed list member!]
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    Looks great, FNJ!
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    We purchased two sets (one for rehearsal room, other for church) and have often thanked God for that.