Another collection by Eugene Lindusky now online!--Renaissance Motets in English for 3 Equal Voices
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    I mentioned the Tricinia Sacra collection that had been added awhile back . . . more good new! Mrs. Lindsusky has allowed another collection of her late husband to be released and to be used by all!

    I present to you "Renaissance Motets in English for Three Equal Voices":

    Many thanks again to Richard Chonak and Paul Ford for doing most of the grunt work with this project.
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    I've uploaded a corrected and compressed copy; it's down to a (mere) 167 MB (formerly 318 MB).
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    This is a wonderful resource. Thank you all for making it available.
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    Note: we have permission to host this edition on our web site, but the edition remains under copyright. If you want to put this on some other web server, Heath can tell you how to contact Mrs. Lindusky for permission.
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  • The Crosier Fathers and Brothers hold the copyright to all works written by Eugene Lindusky, published and unpublished. Contact them at
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    It's sometimes hard to tell who has the rights to what.

    This record at the Copyright Office shows the renewal entry for Lindusky's "Tricinia Sacra" (copyright registered in 1962 by World Library and renewed in 1990, but claimed by Lindusky then):

    The other collection on our site, "Renaissance Motets in English, Three Equal Voices..." was published by World Library in 1966, but I can't find records of an actual registration or renewal by anyone, so that's a bit of a puzzler.
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