Song is the expression of a lover
  • As I logged on this morning, I read the random sacred music quote and saw that it was labelled 'unsourced.' I found its source at / Address by Pope Paul VI during the last general meeting of the Second Vatican Council, Dec. 7, 1965:

    "Cantare amantis est" (Song is the expression of a lover), says St. Augustine (Serm. 336; P. L. 38, 1472).
  • Thanks so much. That is such a profound quotation. I think the Pope has invoked it on several occasions.
  • It also is the source of many problems. Most of the current Catholic repertory has taken this very literally. Page through the Music Issue and you will find that the bulk of its contents are "love songs" in the vernacular sense.

  • Cantor
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    The GIRM also quotes this expression.
  • francisfrancis
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    Yep. It's a profound quote indeed. Unfortunately, the left will always find sound quotes that are somewhat obscure and twist them to their own use. After all, isn't this what the left did with 'active participation'? We know how that one got twisted!