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    We're celebrating the 25th anniversary of perpetual adoration in our parish in Nov., so we're having several liturgical celebrations for parish and school: Benediction, Vespers, etc. For part of the school's celebration, the pastor requested a musical setting of the Divine Praises during the Benediction. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    We use one by Edward Grey, or Gray, 4 pt, sounds like Russian chant.
    It dates from the '20s, I believe, so at some point, "Most Precious Blood", etc., were added in.

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    REVISED MESSAGE... got it to upload.
  • The Old St. Basil Hymnal has a version, but it lacks the "Holy Spirit, the Paraclete" and the "Assumption" which only became defined Dogma in the 1950s. It's a nice melody - I think there could be a way to insert similar melodies where needed.

    It's somewhere down there on my Finale list of projects!
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    didn't we sing a Ted Marier version at the Colliquiam's Holy Hour
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    Theodore Marier's setting can be found in the his "Hymns Psalms and Spiritual Canticles" hymnal at #122. It is a quasi-psalm tone setting.

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  • Yes, no one can get this. This needs to be scanned and uploaded. I think you are right that uploading has been working.
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    Many thanks for all the suggestions---I'll try to report back on what we did and how it went. The pastor suggested a chant setting he had--in English--of the Divine Praises, and the tune is pretty much the Te Deum simple tone---very interesting. Thanks again.
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    Does no one have the Marier Divine Praises to scan and upload?
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    If I can find my copy of HPS&C! It's somewhere in my horizontal filing system - which has of late become a little to vertical!

    If I do find it, I think it might be better to set it in Finale.
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    it was sent to me on email.

    can I upload it?
  • We use tone III b without the incipit.
  • Jeffrey,
    I've been debating whether it was right to have sent you a scan of Marier's 'Divine Praises.' Though the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School owns the publication rights to 'Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Canticles,' we all know there are on-line pirate copies available to both the ingenuous and the less scrupulous. I have the school's best interest at heart, but nothing is to be gained by hoarding what is already available by other means. Some of us at the school believe most of the hymnal will be legally available in the near future, so to answer your question, go ahead. One of the members of the Men's Schola at St. Paul's is a professor at the Harvard Law School and I'm sure he'll defend me when they come with the handcuffs.
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    Ok, that's great. One proposition I'm willing to defend to anyone anywhere: nothing is to be gained by anyone by keeping valuable information hidden. This hymnal will sell a zillion copies once it is available and uploaded in full online. When Marier is outlawed, only outlaws will have Marier.

    Here are Marier's Divine Praises.