SATB or SAB "Called by name"?
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    Each year our parish and school chooses a "theme" based on our mission statement (this thread is not about that though, whatever you might think). This coming year, it is "Called by Name to Live Jesus!" We also have a Lenten small-group program, and I try to find a choral piece based on the prayer card used with that (last year, it was the Anima Christi, and we used a setting by Michael Burgo that was great). Funny enough, the prayer on the card (which we hadn't seen before now) starts with "Called by name..." So it all works together, hopefully.

    Can you recommend any good choral pieces that use these words or a related text? Thanks!
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    You are talking about a "real" choral piece, like the Burgo?

    When something pops into my head I'll let you know; if you were thinking congregational, contemporary type, there is of course "You Are Mine" and an older song by Cary Landry, I think, that was in Glory and Praise - but was very singable and sort of lovely - that said "By name I have called you, by name I will send you ..."
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    YES, a REAL choral piece!

    Ha ha ha. I have lots of "songs" on that text...actually at least 13 in Breaking Bread that you can make work with the "theme" and some in that GIA series "Who Calls You By Name". We may use some of those, but I am not in love with most of them. "The Summons" works nicely, though. Also, "Church of God, Elect and Glorious."

    Anyways, yes, I am meaning a solid choral work. It can be of moderate difficulty, too. It will most likely be used as a prelude. I'd love something that we can get mileage out of, too, like the Burgo, which we used several other times. The goal is always to raise the quality level of sacred music, too...

    I don't know if this type of text lends itself to what I'm looking for. My searching so far has not been very successful.
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    I found a choral work by Aaron McDermid, but it is divisi SATB. I don't have enough confident basses for that, unfortunately. But this is like what I am looking for, if anyone is interested.

    Same idea but in only 4 parts would be awesome.
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    Are there any other notable expressions in the prayer-card text you might take up?
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    Sure: here is the card, if you want to look. It has been a good program the last 2 years.

    I guess, though, the point is not the prayer card, but to play along with the "parish theme". It just happens to work with that card, which is why I mentioned it. Sorry to be confusing.
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    Hi Ally, how soon do you need something? I am more than willing to write a new piece for you based on your criteria and text. Send me a private message if you like. I welcome the idea of new projects, and would be honored to help out if you can't find anything else.
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    Thanks! While I would use it this fall, I would really need it before Lent.
    I'll send you a message.
  • Ally, I recently became familiar with the music of a very talented composer from the British Isles named Philip Stopford. The following piece, "Do Not Be afraid," includes the text you asked about. It is sumptuous!

    Some of Stopford's music is published in the U.S.A. by MorningStar Music and Hal Leonard. But it seems that "Do Not Be Afraid" is only available here:
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