Contemporary music based on chant?
  • Greetings all!
    I am looking for a modern piece of music based on chant to round out a recital program and thought I'd ask the forum readers for suggestions/favorites etc. I found something on CPDL that is the format that I am looking for ( chant followed by a contemporary 4pt setting) but I am hoping to find something else. Any suggestions? Sources to investigate?
    Many thanks in advance for the info!

    Christopher McCloskey
  • incantuincantu
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    You might want to check out my chant-based concert program posted on this thread.
  • Organ or choir?

    For organ, check out Jean Langlais, Neuf pieces and Hommage a' Frescobali. There's also Kevin Allen's very fine 12 Gregorian Preludes.

    For choir, I'm not having many creative thoughts at the moment, save for the obvious Durufle pieces, etc.