Does anyone have a new St. Michael hymnal at hand on this Tuesday afternoon?
  • AOZ
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    I am preparing a liturgy program for a Mass I'm doing in Montgomery tomorrow. Don't have that book here in office. They want to sing the Pater Noster which is apparently on page, or is, #84 of the SMH. Can anyone confirm in the next hour? Is it in fact the Gregorian version? Or is it the Snow version?
  • WendiWendi
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    # 86 in the pew edition of the fourth edition.

    It is the Gregorian Edition, and is in fact in square note on the page in both the pew edition and the choir edition, one of the few times something isn't rendered in modern notation in the Choir edition.
  • Richard R.
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    The latest, 4th edition moved the Pater from page 84 to page 86, which is the Gregorian version.
  • AOZ
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    Just seeing this now, so I went with what I had. If it isn't page 84, then it is 86 if they have then new edition. And let's hope the congregation knows it. Thanks!!