Misericordias Domini by Botor
  • Does anyone have instrumental parts to this wonderful piece? I'm looking for violins-strings/timpani/cymbals/trumpets/horns etc. The version I'm looking for incorporates the instruments found below:
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    Botor (Henryk Jan) is still alive, which means his music is (almost certainly) under copyright and (probably) commercially available. Since I don't read Polish, I'm having trouble finding out who his publisher is, but a call into your preferred sheet-music dealer will likely be the best bet.
  • I've tried but no reply--I even wrote to the president of Pueri Cantores with no reply..
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    Perhaps this will get you closer to where you can purchase the composition:


    Also, World Library Publications carries Botor's Deus Caritas Est. Perhaps there are plans to carry Misericordias Domini as well.
  • ronkrisman--I already have the full in SATB for my choir. In fact, it is already in the public domain. I can't seem to find the official and complete instrumental parts for it however.
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    jbmr: Do you have a good local sheet music shop with someone who can search for you?
  • Not that I know of.. I am guessing they might have written a string part of the work since I have seen brass, percussion, etc. for it?
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    Hm: the composer's website is http://www.botor.com.pl/ , and it lists a contact e-mail address.
    The list of works there says that "Misericordias Domini" is for mixed choir, wind instruments, and percussion, so perhaps the string parts are a later addition.

    [Note: the web link no longer works; some unrelated company has a site at that address now.--admin]
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  • dear jbmusicrose,
    I was at the Pueri congress in Krakau in 2007 and bought the score. It is for SATB and organ, would that be of any help ?
  • Hi Dirk,
    Thank you but I, too, have the SATB/Organ score as well. I was inquiring about any string parts to the score which are heard in the video above. Do you have anything like that?

    Hi chonak,
    I contacted Henryk and he wrote back addressing that he did write a score for trumpet, trombone, flute, timpani, oboe, but nothing for strings so unless the piece 'echos' the organ for strings I guess I'll just have to make do for now..
  • How can I access the instrumental parts for this piece.
    Also, is there a congregational text box that can be used for a worship aid or do we need permission to create one on a Finale program?
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    Apparently he is teaching at the Academy of Music in Krakow, so perhaps you can find out from him there. This page gives an e-mail address:
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