what should I teach next?
  • henry
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    Given a choice between a Latin Gloria (I'm thinking of Mass VIII) or the Pater Noster, which would you teach first? Our parish knows neither, but they would come in handy for our bilingual Masses. I think Musicam Sacram places the Pater before the Gloria in terms of importance, but in reality we'd make more use of the Gloria in our parish because the priests never even intone the Pater in the vernacular here. However, a chant Gloria would wipe out a nice trumpet part that we usually use at with our vernacular Gloria at bilingual Masses. Can't seem to come to a decision here.
  • G
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    Pater noster.

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  • incantuincantu
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    Gloria. You're going to have to learn a new one anyway. The "Our Father" is such a personal prayer that I have many times heard it being said in two or three languages at the same time at any given Mass, even by those who can otherwise participate fully without using their native tongue.