In manus tuas, Domine (Charles H. Giffen), ATBarB, SATB, or SMzAT
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    Recently, I learned that my setting of the Short Responsory for Compline, In manus tuas, Domine, was recorded by InTakt Vokalensemble, an excellent German male octet, at their Passionskonzert sung in the Klosterkirche in Seligenporten, Germany, in March, 2012:

        Performance by InTakt Vokalensemble

    The ensemble's balance, blend and interpretation are very satisfying, indeed.

    Of course, they sang the original ATBarB version, although the work has also been transposed up a perfect fourth for SATB voices and up a perfect fifth for SMzAT voices. PDF scores for all three voicings are attached.
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    A very impressive piece. Thanks for posting it. If I were a choirmaster I would undoubtedly want to perform it. Congrats on the recording too.
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    Thanks so very much for sharing this. I've tucked away a copy of the SATB for our summer file.

    I think it's very effective the way the different threads come together in a grand Gloria and then separate again as a quiet afterthought at the end---and the lovely cascading effect of the last line is beyond words. : )

    P.S. The text is esp. relevant, at least to me. A dear friend of mine suggested to me recently that I should learn to say "Deo gratias" when I encounter difficulties and frustrations; such a level of resignation and interior tranquility is obviously a steep uphill climb but your composition illustrates that peace of soul. Thanks again.
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