Corpus Christi at St. Paul in Ellicott City
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    A small story to share: St. Paul is in a small historical area in Ellicott City, and I've been teaching homeschooling children simple Gregorian chant, and we've been singing every Thursday simple chants there over 5-6 years. I felt that the seeds are planted by the children, I thought it would be really good for the parish to have a Traditional Mass. Although the pastor hasn't learned Traditional Mass yet, he was very open for it. He asked Father Cibelli (his good friend), the main celebrant, who also helps seminarians to learn Traditional Mass, invited and taught 5 priests and seminarians to do the Solemn High Mass. (Fr. Cibelli attended the Colloquium a few years ago also, from where he gain lots of support and encouragement.) The Mass also concluded with a Procession, and Fr. DeAscanis, the director of the vocation, who did the Homily, also promoted this event for the vocations. We had to use the altar table and first pews for Communion and etc... but it was a historical event for the parish.
    The schola, both adult and the children worked very hard. And my friends whom I met from the Colloquium came to sing with us. Also when the main tenor couldn't make it from the car problem, the choir director of the Wyoming college happened to visitthe area and came to help. The Mass was a lot bigger than I expected, all worked out very well, and the Mass was beautiful. Hoping to do more. We are very blessed to have these young priests who work very try hard to do the right thing and help the faithful in the area to familiar with both forms of the Mass as the Church asks.

    Thank you Jenny, Daniel, Rob for the help and support.

    Some pictures from NLM
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  • Mia, congratulations to you and all your schola members! Thanks for your report! It sounds like a wonderful occasion, and it's especially good to hear of all the participation of diocesan clergy. Lauda Sion Salvatorem....
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    Thanks David, and oh, yes, it took a while to learn 'Lauda Sion Salvatorem...., ' but we did it beautifully and joyfully. (alternating men and women) It was quite 'uplifting.' I'll never forget.
  • Mia, I am just down the road on the west side of Baltimore and would really be interested in doing more chant in my parish than we currently are doing. Any suggestions on how to get started?
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    Oh, I wish I knew that. Well, I started to work in a new area this year, and there's not much chant either, except Agnus Dei. Even that, some people asked where they can find words for it, so I had the cantors announce the number in the hymnal for a while. And I decided to give a Beginning Gregorian chant class this summer to help people in this area.

    Beginning Gregorian Chant Class

    Come and discover the beautiful musical tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Gregorian chant has been sung for centuries from the time of Christ and proclaimed as the most authentic liturgical songs by the Church. Thus, it transcends the time and place as the Holy Mass does, while it fosters unity in our worship. The Church also asks that all the faithful learn to sing and/or recite the Ordinary parts of the Mass..

    "Steps should be taken so that the faithful may also be able to say or to sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them." (Section 54, the Second Vatican Council, in its Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)

    We will learn basic Latin pronunciation and chant notation, focusing on the Ordinary parts of the Holy Mass. We will also learn simple, yet beautiful hymns of the Church's saints, such as Adoro te Devote by Thomas Aquinas.

    No prior musical experience is required. The class runs from August 1 through August 22, four Thursdays from 7-8:15 PM. All materials will be provided. For more info contact miacoyne@gmail;.com

    (I'm doing it in August because I have to be out of town in July.)

    I started a schola for the children and the adults about 6 years ago in a different are where I live. (multi-parish group .) There are lots of difficulties, and it's a small number, but we keep singing, and God leads us. The important thing I learned is to do all these in the spirit of helping others, not to impose and NEVER give up.
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    Hi Kevin,

    Where are you? You can send me an email if you'd rather not post it. I am in Westminster (north and west of Baltimore). It's always great to find some like-minded folks.
  • Hi Jenny,

    I am on the south and west side of Baltimore very close to Catonsville. Like you, I am also very eager to find like-minded musicians, especially since I have been in the area for less than a year.