• Some small changes on this weekend's communio
  • Jeffrey--

    I've scanned the antiphon and didn't notice anything different. are there changes in the verses? or did I miss something?

    My Pope Benedict XVI Schola will sing this tomorrow night, and I'm not going to introduce revisions to them now . . . but of course, I am curious.

    Also--it may have been horribly wrong of me, but I thought the sensible thing to do was to go up a fourth from the final note of the antiphon to the first note of the verses, then down a major third from the final note of the verse to the start of the antiphon. The clef change, as written, didn't make sense to my ear.

  • Jan
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    I'd like some clarification as well.
  • It's a custos issue -- not exactly momentous
  • I'm comforted.


  • Jeffrey,

    The edit feature of this forum is WONDERFUL, making it possible to suck ones words right off the pager and put them in oblivion, where mine often belong.

    I hope that you find people's comments and concern about the Communio evidence of their appreciation for the hard work you all put in with remuneration of a kind other than monetary....the Communio is such a good way to get chant in Latin going in a church....
  • Jan
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    I second! We use it EVERY WEEK.