Missa Cantata in Carmel Mission Basilica; Pentecost Sunday - Help Wanted
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    I've been asked to sing the Mass for Pentecost Sunday tomorrow in the Carmel Mission Basilica, 3 PM. A group from St. Stephen's in Sacramento is finishing a Pilgrimage there, and somehow got permission to have their concluding Mass in the Extraordinary Form. This is a very big deal for this Diocese. I would guess, but don't know, that the EF has not been there since the reforms.

    Anyway, my own schola has to sing in the morning for our regular weekly Missa Cantata, and not all of them can make it in the afternoon. I know this is extremely late notice, but anyone within the area who might be interested, please consider coming to Carmel for a very nice day.

    Besides the Propers from the GR, we'll be singing the Ordinary for the Mission Mass.
  • I wish I could join you, Greg!
    Many prayers, and a joyous Pentecost.
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    This is a very "specific" group from St. Stephen's, Sacramento. Beware- especially if you have women singing...
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  • In the words of Piglet-
    Oh dear, d d dear dear dear