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    Some people have asked about different editings of some polyphony that I've done. Here are two versions of the same piece. One is in key of A (modalish) and the other one is in the originally written key (which as everyone knows could have been transposed as one saw fit and was commonly done in the day)
    1. all dynamics have been removed (a bad habit I had with some of my earlier edited renaissance scores).
    2. all eighth notes are in patterns of 2, much easier to read.
    3. the incipit is in gregorian notation, also easier to interpret.
    4. a 2nd score in the original key.
    5. all words with more than one syllable have Latin macrons now, much easier for word stress.
    6. oh, and as with all my scores I've remove the copyright, all my stuff is now creative commons.
    If you encounter one of my scores with a copyright on it feel free to ignore it.
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