• OlbashOlbash
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    Do I need to obtain any permissions or pay anyone to record Simple English Propers and/or AOZ's English psalms? My children's choir is working on a recording to be sold to raise funds for a tour/pilgrimage. We'd like to feature this beautiful music, which we use regularly in our liturgies.
  • chonakchonak
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    There are two elements in each case: music and text.

    PBP music: Parish Book of Psalms is published under a standard "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0" license that allows copying and the production of derivative works (such as performance recordings). Attribution of the music is required.

    PBP text: The texts belong to the Lectionary copyright holder ("Confraternity of Christian Doctrine"). Their permissions policy is on-line. It seems to say that permission isn't needed for short excerpts.

    SEP music: The SEP book doesn't clearly state which Creative Commons license it uses, so I guess you should consult Adam Bartlett.

    SEP text: the text of the propers, taken from the Gregorian Missal, seems to be copyright of Solesmes and Desclee.