Music of Mark Winges
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    I have had the pleasure of performing the works of Mark Winges during my past three seasons with the professional new music ensemble Volti , with whom he acts as composer-in-residence. His music is in a highly individual and modern idiom and presents no small amount of challenges to even an advanced choir, yet he writes music that is both logical and performable (which can be demonstrated by the Piedmont children's choirs note-perfect performances -- from memory -- of many of his works). He has composed a number of anthems which, unlike his concert music, present few obstacles for the competent parish choir but are highly effective, often on account of the the colorful organ writing. At least three items in his current catalog will be of particular interest to CMAA members as they are based on well-known chants: Humbly I Adore Thee, Now My Tongue The Mystery Telling, and Zion Praise Thy Savior. Sample scores can be found on his website , which also has sound files (some featuring the venerable incantu with the Robert Geary Singers). Worth checking out!
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    I just visted the VOLTI site, and I have to tell you that it is remarkable. Truly remarkable. Amazing audio clips!

    I am very glad and amazed to have someone as highly trained as you are involved with the CMAA.