The Easter Octave
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    Are the weekday masses during the Easter Octave the same as for the Easter Sunday mass (EF)?

    I'm not sure yet, but we may be having a Sunday Mass on the Friday of the Easter Octave in the Extraordinary Form.
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    No, there are separate propers for each day in the Easter Octave.

    Friday within the Octave of Easter
    INT: Eduxit eos Dominus in spe
    GRAD: Haec dies (Benedictus qui...)
    ALL: Dicite in gentibus
    SEQ: Victimae...
    OFF: Erit vobis hic
    COMM: Data est mihi

    The Propers can be found in the Graduale Romanum...
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    Thanks. Just before I saw this one of my college friends loaned me a copy of their missalette.
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    And then I received an email from the chaplaincy telling me that the EF mass has been moved to Thursday... argh...
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    Will this help...


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    The above is a longer 5 page version, I also have a shorter 4 page version, so will print on 1 piece of A4 / US letter paper.

    I have loads more made up.

    N.B. The Latin text is taken from the Vatican website:

    Look for 1957 missal under missals, this is the easiest to search.

    The Translation is from the 1950's ed. of the St. Andrew's daily Missal.

    The Vatican source has a few typographical errors, which are not difficult to spot, but there may be more. The St. Andrew's Missal is full of mistakes, and different editions, with small changes, I correct the ones I find.

    Also these propers sheets, are based on hand missals, and so were not authorised for liturgical use. (not that anyone understands or has heard of those old rules)

    Do get in touch if you need any others, thomaswindsor AT mac DOT com
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    For the N.O., the Easter Octave with "Thanks be to God, Alleluia, Alleluia" includes Low Sunday. - i.e. Sunday through Sunday

    For the E.F, it's "Deo gratias, Alleluia, Alleluia" through Saturday in Easter Week. i.e. Saturday through Saturday.
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    @Tomjaw, Do you happen to have the propers sheet for Tuesday of Easter Week?

    Also - does anyone know if there are any English arrangements done of the propers for the weekdays in the octave of easter?
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    Actually, I just found them on Ben Yanke's website. Thanks.
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    I thought I had made one but I can't find it have the later part of the week done. Have been rather busy of late, but may have some time to do things after Vespers on Sunday.
  • Does anyone know, or know how to look up the propers for the Ordinary Form, Tuesday of Easter week?! Thanks.
  • Does anyone know...
    The propers for Easter Tuesday would be the same for the OF or the EF.
    They can be found in -
    1) Liber Usualis, or Graduale Romanum, Gregorian (Latin),
    2) The Plainsong Gradual, Gregorian, adapted by Palmer-Burgess (Old Church English),
    3)The Anglican Use Gradual, Psalm tone version (Old Church English).
    4) The American Gradual, Gregorian, adapted by Bruce Ford (Modern English)
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    The propers of Tuesday within the Octave of Easter can be found in the 1974 Graduale Romanum, p. 202-205. They are:

    IN Aqua sapientiae or: He gave them the water of wisdom to drink
    GR Haec dies ... Dicant nunc
    AL Surrexit Dominus
    OF Intonuit de caelo
    CO Si consurrexistis cum Christo or: If you have risen with Christ

    During the entire Octave of Easter the dismissal is Ite missa est, alleluia, alleluia.
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    Also, in the OF during the Octave of Easter the Sequence Victimae Paschali laudes is an option before the Alleluia (GR p. 202). (In the EF the Sequence is mandatory during the Octave.)
  • Thank you all so much!